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Federation Accused of Cover-up

17 MAY 3301

Despite pleas for information from the Scientific cross-faction coalition, the Federal Authorities remain tight lipped. According to sources close to Dr. Arcanonn and his team, Halsey's government have refused to even acknowledge that Federation ships have been transporting the artefacts through populated space, despite mounting evidence. The authorities have also been accused of providing the scientist with nothing more than cryptic responses designed to stall their investigations.

Dr. Arcanonn is quoted as saying: "This information blackout is outrageous, they have to understand that they have no right to withhold this information. I would ask all humans, no matter their allegiance, to contemplate the existence of these objects and their meaning. I would also ask them to contemplate why the other major powers are not so much as passing the slightest comment on this. What are they hiding?"

"Some members of our community are done with waiting to be fed lies, simply to allow the Federation to perhaps continue to acquire some perceived military advantage. If no information is forthcoming immediately I cannot be held responsible for the consequences."

When asked to clarify exactly what this implied, Dr. Arcanonn declined to comment further.

In a possibly related development reports suggest some Federation convoys are being shadowed by groups of unidentified combat ships.