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Supplies Needed for Imperial Festivities

20 DEC 3304

Imperial senator Simone Leatrix has announced plans for a week of revelry at her palatial residence on Capitol in the Achenar system.

The senator told the media:

“We Imperials value the finer things, even during times of political upset. So I intend to celebrate the end of the year with a sumptuous party at my mountaintop retreat, which will be specially renovated for the occasion.”

To feed the hundreds of high-profile guests and decorate the senator’s residence, Senator Leatrix has asked the Cemiess Imperial Society to organise deliveries of food and newly refined jewels to Mackenzie Relay in the Cemiess system.

The initiatives begin on the 20th of December 3304 and will run for one week. If either initiative meets its targets earlier than planned, that campaign will end immediately.

Battle Ceases in Wally Bei System

20 DEC 3304

The conflict between two opposing factions in the Wally Bei system has ended. The fleets of both Wally Bei Technical and the Traditional Wally Bei Constitution Party were significantly reduced in a prolonged series of battles.

The leaders of both organisations issued a joint statement:

“We recognise that our military leaders overreacted to accusations made by both parties. For humanitarian reasons, we have agreed to bring hostilities to an end. But we will honour the commitment made by independent pilots on both sides, who are now authorised to collect their rewards from the Wally Bei system.”

New Mining Tools Released

20 DEC 3304

A range of new asteroid-mining equipment is expected to trigger an increase in the availability of ores and minerals.

A spokesperson for the Industrial Mining Guild discussed the new tools at an industry symposium:

“Using mining lasers to remove surface deposits from asteroids can be difficult. The new abrasion blaster fires projectiles that break them free more easily.”

“For deeper deposits, sub-surface displacement missiles can penetrate the rock and then be detonated remotely, releasing larger chunks of material.”

“Finally, there is now a way to access valuable resources deep within certain rare bodies. Seismic charges, when carefully positioned, can crack an asteroid open and free the minerals at its core.”

“Combined with upgrades to existing tools, such as scanners and prospector limpets, we are confident that these new tools will result in a surge in private mining activity.”