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Pirates Wiped Out in Amitrite

29 SEP 3301

Pirates Wiped Out in Amitrite

Officials from the Defence Force of Amitrite have praised the many pilots who helped clear the system of pirates this week. Hundreds of hostile ships were eliminated, and crime levels in the system subsequently dropped to new lows.

Representatives of the Libertas Cooperative, speaking on behalf of resettled Pegasi Sector refugees, also extended their thanks to the pilots: "Many of the refugees in the Munshin system have been separated from their families. Now they can be safe in the knowledge that their loved ones can traverse the Empire safely. For the second time in recent weeks, the citizens of the Empire have proved they care about their fellow man. They have set an example for us all."

Some segments of the media have speculated that the participation of independent pilots was especially high because of crime-deterrence policies introduced by Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval. The Defence Force of Amitrite dismissed these claims, calling them "a crass attack on brave men and women who risked their lives to help strangers".

Commander Quade

President Hudson Confirms Investigation

29 SEP 3301

President Hudson Confirms Investigation

President Hudson responded today to Shadow President Winters's call for investigating the allegations raised by the Federal Times. In a press conference at the White House on Mars, he said:

"The allegations raised by the Federal Times are indeed grave and I have already instructed the responsible agencies to pursue the evidence and determine its veracity. If the evidence proves to be true then the wrongdoers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

When asked by reporters which agency would be responsible for the investigation, he replied that the Federal Security Service would act as the lead agency, but resources from any law enforcement agency would be available to assist.

Shadow President Winters was quick to respond to the President's announcement:

"While it is good to see the President responding to genuine concerns, I can't help but notice that he is ignoring our call for an open investigation."

GalNet Weekly Security Digest

29 SEP 3301

GalNet Weekly Security Digest

In this weekly report, the latest GalNet data is assembled to present ten minor factions experiencing civil unrest or lockdown in their systems (*).

Here are 10 of the 496 minor factions in lockdown:

Aristocrats of Aurawala

Woloniugo Gold Universal Comms

Revolutionary HIP 38862 Future

Wababa Imperial Society

Revolutionary Party of BD-22 3573

People's Party of Huaich

Aowica Empire Party

Frigaha Services

V2578 Ophiuchii Values Party

Grovichun Gold Netcoms Inc

Lockdowns increase the security rating for a system but also have a negative effect on the system's wealth. Increased bounty hunting activity can shorten the lockdown period.

Here are 10 of the 722 minor factions experiencing civil unrest:

Medzistha Faith

HR 1064 Citizens' Forum

Smethells 173 Allied Services

Tricorii Major PLC

Official Pandinus Party

39 Serpentis Progressive Party

Movement for Lundji Future

Movement for He Xian Di Union Party

Drug Empire of LQ Hydrae

HIP 43197 PLC

Civil unrest is caused by illegal activity within the system as well completing contracts from more nefarious sources. The wealth rating and standard of living will suffer when a system contains civil unrest. Combat missions and activities can be utilised to end civil unrest.

* Data is correct at time of publishing.