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Galactic News: Jaques Station Making a Comeback

04 AUG 3302

It has been two weeks since Jaques, the owner and operator of Jaques Station, issued an appeal for commodities to repair his beleaguered starport. Since then, scores of pilots from across the galaxy have made the long journey to the Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 system to deliver tantalum, power generators and other materials to Jaques.

Although the campaign is scheduled to run for two more weeks, Jaques has confirmed that the materials received so far have allowed starport personnel to restore some of the station's facilities.

"The moment supplies started arriving our teams were hard at work, making repairs and restoring facilities. So I'm very pleased to announce that we can now offer our guests refuelling, restocking, repair and outfitting services, as well as the option to purchase limpets and mining equipment from our commodities market."

"But we're not out of the woods yet! We still need more material if we're going to give the old girl a clean bill of health."

Community Goal: Boosting the Federal Fleet

04 AUG 3302

As the antagonism between the Federation and the Empire continues to simmer, the Federation has announced plans to expand its Navy with three new Farragut-class Battlecruisers. The development follows a recent initiative to add three new capital ships to the Imperial fleet.

In a statement, Federal President Zachary Hudson spoke candidly about the motivation behind the campaign.

"We live in uncertain times, and we are on the brink of an uncertain future. When I speak to the people of the Federation, I want to be able to promise them that their homes and families are safe. By contributing to this campaign, you can help me keep that promise."

The Federation has placed an open order for autofabricators, tantalum and superconductors for use in the construction, and has authorised the Workers of Gooheimar Alliance to reward pilots who deliver the requested materials to Brady Horizons in the Gooheimar system.

The campaign begins on the 4th of August 3302 and will run for one week. If the Federation's targets are met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

Galactic News: Federal Campaign Comes to an End

04 AUG 3302

A spokesperson for the Future of Segovan has announced that the Federation's appeal for construction materials has come to an end. Thousands of tonnes of material were delivered to Obsidian Orbital this week, which will be used to construct a new outpost on HIP 17225 A 1. In a brief statement, the spokesperson thanked those who had contributed to the initiative:

"The Federal pilots who supported this campaign have performed a great service. The new outpost will provide the Federation with a valuable trade and resource-processing hub. You have made the Federation proud."

The campaign attracted no small measure of controversy, however, with the Federation's opponents claiming that it represented a further attempt to control access to the non-human structures known as barnacles, a number of which are located on HIP 17225 A 1. One Imperial pilot, speaking on condition of anonymity, made the following statement to the Imperial Herald:

"The Federation wants to control the flow of meta-alloys, pure and simple. That's why they entered Merope, and that's why they're building this new outpost. And as for their claim that they're protecting the barnacles...well, does anyone really believe that anymore?"

Galactic News: Imperial Appeal Comes to an End

04 AUG 3302

The Empire's recent request for meta-alloys has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community, which has delivered large quantities of the rare material to Axon Station in the Zagoro system. A spokesperson for the Zagoro Imperial Society, which coordinated the appeal, confirmed that hundreds of Imperial-aligned pilots had contributed to the campaign. In a statement, the spokesperson said:

"The Empire sincerely thanks you for your service, but this is merely the first step in ensuring that the Federal monopoly on this material does not continue unopposed. We cannot rest yet."

Community Goal: Ambika in Need

04 AUG 3302

Authorities in the Ambika system have reported that the region is in the grip of a severe famine. All efforts to shore up agricultural markets have failed, and the food shortage has even triggered bouts of civil unrest. A tentative relief effort has begun, but the convoys attempting to bring aid to the people of Ambika are being targeted by opportunist pirates.

In response to this development, the Union Party of Ambika has launched a two-pronged initiative, focused on bringing relief to the people of Ambika and neutralising the agitators operating in the system. The organisation has promised to reward pilots who deliver the foods to Goulart City, and has placed a kill order on all wanted ships operating in Ambika.

The campaign begins on the 4th of August 3302 and will run for one week. If the final targets are met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

Freelance Report: Children of Liberty Criticize Mahon

04 AUG 3302

The organization known as the Children of Liberty has issued a statement criticizing Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon for his recent remarks concerning the supposed failings of the Federation and Empire.

"Prime Minister Mahon has denounced the 'pettiness and greed' of his political rivals, but he tolerates those same sins among many of the Alliance's own member systems. He wishes to create 'a truly unified society', yet he tolerates ideologies within the Alliance's own borders that are irreconcilably opposed to one another! According to a study published in 3301, over 213 million Alliance citizens live under the rule of explicitly authoritarian governments. How can a galactic power that purports to value harmony and self-determination allow a member system to oppress its own citizens?"

The missive, though critical, does conclude on a note of accord:

"Despite our political disagreements, we believe Prime Minister Mahon is absolutely right to call for protection of the barnacles. The rampant exploitation of these structures is not only reckless, it may even be dangerous. Until we know more about their origin and purpose, we should treat the barnacles with respect...and a healthy dose of caution."

Galactic News: Weekly Democracy Report

04 AUG 3302

This report presents the latest data on democratic activity among the galaxy's minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to hold elections:


Saffron Corp.

Independent HIP 20019 for Equality

LP 404-66 Life Industry

Wailla Sakh Defence Party

Mitl PLC

Njoeris Crimson Bridge Company

LTT 9810 Citizens' Forum

Liberty Party of Kuruntabal

Tsohoda Patron's Principles

Elections occur when two minor factions with a similar political structure resolve a conflict over ownership and influence within a system.