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Community Goal: The Battle for Ho Hsi

15 SEP 3303

Recent reports indicate that conflict has erupted in the Ho Hsi system between Ho Hsi Jet Comms Limited and the Freedom Party of Ho Hsi. System security forces were caught off guard by the violence, which began without warning and has escalated rapidly since then.

Both sides have issued calls for aid, appealing to independent combat pilots for support. Commanders who participate in the conflict will be generously rewarded by their chosen faction.

A representative of system security forces issued the following statement:

“It would be irresponsible of us to encourage independent pilots to join this fight, but if the galactic community can bring this conflict to a swift end, they will have our gratitude.”

The two factions have set out week-long operations to take control of the system, which will begin on the 14th of September 3303.

Galactic News: Chapterhouse Campaign Concludes

15 SEP 3303

A spokesperson for the Kamadhenu Chapterhouse of Inquisition has announced that its plan to establish a series of starports between Colonia and the core systems has received the wholehearted support of the galactic community.

Hundreds of pilots took to their ships to deliver construction materials to Shajn Market over the course of the three-week campaign, allowing the Chapterhouse to achieve its ambitious goals.

As the campaign drew to a close, a spokesperson for the Chapterhouse released a statement:

“Thanks to the hard work of the galaxy’s independent pilots, construction of the first starport is almost complete, work on the second is well underway and construction of the third will begin soon.”

“We are immeasurably grateful to those who supported this initiative, and we look forward to a future of increased travel and trade between Colonia and the core.”

Pilots who contributed to the campaign can now collect their rewards from Shajn Market in the Kamadhenu system.

Galactic News: Weekly Democracy Report

15 SEP 3303

This report presents the latest data on democratic activity among the galaxy’s minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to hold elections:

Union of Wolf 359 Labour

Coquim Industry

39 Tauri Interstellar

HIP 96289 Blue Major Inc

Gliese 868 Services

Parhul Silver Electronics Hldgs

Epsilon Phoenicis Forum

Smethells 119 Blue Life Int

Barnard's Star Alliance

HIP 305 Nationalists

Elections occur when two minor factions with a similar political structure resolve a conflict over ownership and influence within a system.