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Galactic News: Could Jasmina Halsey be Reinstated?

16 MAR 3302

Following the extraordinary rescue of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey, whose escape pod was recovered from the wreckage of Starship One, questions have been asked about her possible return to power. According to an anonymous source within the Federal government, several senior-level politicians have voiced the opinion that, should she make a full recovery, Halsey ought to be allowed to serve out the remainder of her term.

Simon Newell, a legal advisor to the Federal government, spoke to the Federal Times earlier today.

"There's no direct precedent for this situation, so it's hard to be certain. I know some members of government believe Halsey should be reinstated, but my feeling is that such an outcome is unlikely. When Halsey disappeared she was already facing a vote of no confidence, and her presidency was officially terminated so a new president could be elected. My suspicion is that if there were a legal challenge, the law would uphold the vote of no confidence recorded at the time."

Freelance Report: End of First Season of Galactic Combat Championship

16 MAR 3302

The first season of the Galactic Combat Championship has come to a spectacular finish. Competitors in the five-week tournament included Adle's Armada, Blood Brothers from Alrai, Ronin of Amarak, Triadius, Contrail, and the Balkan Intergalactic Guerrillas.

Fifteen matches of three rounds were fought every weekend for five weeks, concluding with a spectacular eight vs. eight, winner-take-all match in front of a live audience. Despite many exciting moments, near wins and losses there could be only victor, and that victor was Adle's Armada.

The Armada was a favourite going into the tournament, but few expected them to win every match. The leaders of Adle's Armada gave praise to their competitors: Commanders Poaarctica, Breakfastmelon, Philip J Fry, Truesilver, Finegan, Memoocan, Thatdamnranga and Cosmic Booty.

The second season of the championship is due to start soon, and will is likely feature more groups and match modifiers than the first. Fans of the tournament are already placing bets on the season two winner.

Commander S!LK

Freelance Report: More Palladium for Dr Arcanonn

16 MAR 3302

A spokesperson for the Canonn Interstellar Research Group has issued a plea for a final push in the campaign to establish a research outpost at Thompson Dock:

"The response from the community has been incredible, but we need more palladium!"

"I know you're tired, but this project is too important for us to give up. I've been living on a particularly strong blend of Varatian coffee, and I understand the local suppliers have made it freely available to all miners. It's great stuff if you don't mind a few heart palpitations."

"We really want to hit the next milestone so we can get a commodities market at the station. If we can do that, Dr Arcanonn will be able to do what he does best."

"So please come and mine for the Canonn between now and Thursday afternoon. The rewards are huge, and the camaraderie among the miners is fantastic."

Commander Lord Zoltan

Galactic News: End of the Road for Damon Clarke

16 MAR 3302

When the dissident organisation known as Emperor's Dawn was first brought to public attention, a number of high-profile Imperials were discovered to have connections to the group. One of them was Damon Clarke, a prominent industrialist and a member of Princess Aisling Duval's inner circle. According to a report published by the Imperial Herald, one of Clarke's companies had previously sold weapons to Emperor's Dawn, and the revelation plunged Clarke into scandal.

The prominent patron denied all knowledge of the transaction, but his declarations of innocence were undermined when he fled Imperial space. From that point on, no further information regarding Clarke's whereabouts or actions was released to the public.

But now an undisclosed source, which claims to be close to the Imperial Internal Security Service, has shared news of Clarke's fate. A section of the anonymous message is reprinted below:

"As you know, Clarke fled Imperial space when his connection to Emperor's Dawn was discovered. But he didn't get far. The IISS caught up with him in Apathaam and brought him back to Achenar.

"Clarke was looking at a death sentence, but the IISS offered him a deal: give up his contacts in Emperor's Dawn in exchange for a more lenient sentence. Clarke jumped at the offer, and gave up everyone he knew. His information earned him a commuted sentence: house arrest at his home on Capitol. He even got to keep his car. A pretty good deal."

"So time passes and Emperor's Dawn gets its ass handed to it by the Empire. But a few of Clarke's former contacts survive, and they're none too happy about him selling them down the river. With IISS agents stationed at Clarke's home, it wasn't easy for them to get to him, but in the end they succeeded. Poisoned his food, I gather. Nasty way to go."

The Imperial Internal Security Service has declined to comment on the matter.

Galactic News: Weekly Powers Update Incoming

16 MAR 3302

In the early hours of tomorrow morning (7.00am GMT), the GalNet monitoring of powers' activities will go offline for a short period while the latest data is assembled.

Any pilots who operate for one of the powers must deliver any cargo or vouchers before this time to ensure their activities are registered.