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Merope Defence Initiative Concludes

21 FEB 3305

A military supply campaign to increase security in the Merope system has concluded successfully.

Jacob Chowdhury, Defence Director of the Atlas Research Group, said:

“Our gratitude to all the pilots who delivered Reactive Armour and Military Grade Fabrics. These resources will prove vital in enhancing Merope’s defences against Thargoid attacks.”

The Atlas Research Group also helped protect traders from piracy by placing kill orders on all wanted ships in the system.

Contributors to the campaign can now collect their rewards from Reed's Rest in the Merope system.

Rivalry Triggers Conflict in Drevlyada

21 FEB 3305

A long-standing enmity between two military leaders has escalated into hostilities in the Drevlyada system.

Details were provided by freelance warzone reporter Karleen Troy:

“The personal rivalry between General Kendrick of Namab Purple Brothers and Marshal Cooper of Drevlyada League has lasted for years. Each frequently accuses the other of incompetence and endangering the people of Drevlyada.”

“This grudge match has now spiralled into a state of open conflict. Both Kendrick and Cooper have asked the galactic community to provide support in crushing their opponent’s forces.”

The two factions have set out week-long campaigns to take control of the Drevlyada system, which will begin on the 21st of February 3305.

Defence Contractor Denies Safety Violations

21 FEB 3305

The weapons manufacturer Prax Incorporated has dismissed accusations of poor safety measures in its development and testing programs. Concerns were originally raised by Adley King of The Federal Times, as part of an investigation into weapons testing within inhabited sectors.

CEO Lucina Prax gave this press statement:

“I can assure Ms King that my company takes every precaution when evaluating its products. We have never – and will never – ignore safety protocols.”

“Regarding these accusations, I am aware of the claims being made but have yet to see a single shred of evidence to support them. We act in full compliance with the most stringent industry regulations.”

“3304 was a record year for Prax Incorporated. The latest version of our proprietary threat-recognition firmware propelled our stock to new heights, and we are developing a new system that I believe will be considered revolutionary.”