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Galactic News: Superpower Campaigns Conclude

02 JUN 3303

The Empire and the Federation have released statements announcing the successful conclusion of their respective campaigns. Both superpowers received huge quantities of construction material over the past week, allowing them to start work on new outposts in the Pleiades region.

The Merope Expeditionary Fleet and the Pleiades Resource Enterprise have extended their gratitude to those who supported their campaigns.

Pilots who contributed to the Federal initiative can collect their rewards from PRE Logistics Support Gamma, while pilots who supported the Imperial campaign can collect their rewards from Moni's Hub.

Galactic News: Sixth Colonia Appeal Concludes

02 JUN 3303

The sixth Colonia Council migration appeal has come to an end. Hundreds of organisations took part in the campaign, delivering huge quantities of material to Jaques Station in the hope of earning a place in the Colonia Nebula.

The Council is now processing the deliveries to confirm exactly how much has been received. Once the process is complete, the Council will contact the organisations that made the largest contribution, and start work on their new outposts.

Community Goal: The Battle for Jotunheim

02 JUN 3303

Recent reports from Jotunheim indicate that the Autocracy of Jotunheim, an Imperial-aligned organisation, has entered the system with a remit to bring it under Imperial control.

Regional authorities have opposed the incursion, and have authorised the Revolutionary Jotunheim Resistance to drive the Autocracy of Jotunheim from the system. The Revolutionary Jotunheim Resistance has also issued a call to independent combat pilots for support, promising to reward those who lend their aid. The Autocracy of Jotunheim has issued a similar plea.

Meanwhile, peace activist Jasmina Halsey has surprised commentators by placing an open order for performance enhancers, armour and military grade fabrics, which she has pledged to donate to the Revolutionary Jotunheim Resistance in support of its operation. The Yum Kamcabi Purple Life Industry is coordinating Halsey’s appeal.

Anticipating the furore her decision would cause, Halsey released the following statement:

“I know I will be criticised for intervening in this conflict. But if those who oppose this war believe it can be stopped through peaceful protest alone, they are mistaken. If we do not help the people of Jotunheim, they will lose their homeland. We cannot stand idly by.”

All three campaigns begin on the 1st of June 3303 and will run for one week. If any of the factions involved meets its targets earlier than planned, its campaign will end immediately.

Galactic News: Weekly Democracy Report

02 JUN 3303

This report presents the latest data on democratic activity among the galaxy’s minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to hold elections:

Kokary Liberals

Groombridge 1618 Inc

Mother Gaia

Allied Ualapalor League

V886 Centauri Corporation

Nuenets Corp.

Bureau of HIP 1914 Focus

HIP 1914 Purple Universal Inc

LP 811-17 Gold Energy Partners

Natural LP 811-17 Conservatives

Elections occur when two minor factions with a similar political structure resolve a conflict over ownership and influence within a system.