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Unexplained ‘Flare’ Detected in Deep Space

05 SEP 3308

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Reports from independent explorers indicate that an unusual visual phenomenon has appeared in deep space.

A distant point of light, described as a reddish-orange flare with faint radial patterns, has been observed close to the Barnard's Loop nebula. It is thought to have appeared only recently. Universal Cartographics has confirmed that the location of this ‘flare’ does not match any previously catalogued stellar body or star.

Early attempts to verify these reports have noted a strange response when the same region of space is observed through a full spectrum system scanner (FSS). No definitive target can be isolated, but claims of a faint background noise generated by FSS audio converters have been asserted.

Commander Eva Llewellyn, speaking to Vox Galactica, remarked:

“I’m used to the FSS making all sorts of strange noises, but listening to this thing – comet, solar flare, whatever it is – gives me goosebumps. Something feels off, all right. The scanner tells me there’s nothing there, nothing to focus on. Can’t say I agree. Still, smarter people than me will figure out the truth of it all, I guess.”

At present, it is unknown if this is a naturally occurring stellar event. Pilots are attempting to gather more data, but as yet no authority or scientific body has provided any official analysis of the phenomenon.

Experts Speculate on Thargoid Behaviour

05 SEP 3308

The Thargoids’ resistance to the Proteus Wave in HIP 22460 has prompted discussion among academics in the field of xenology.

Professor Shamus Madigan of Olympus Village University published a paper in the scientific journal The Empirical, which included this extract:

“The Thargoids newly observed defence against a man-made superweapon, and their subsequent aggression, suggests a direct response to our tactics. Not only have they upgraded their technology, but also their behaviour has altered. Humanity is now a problem that must be dealt with.”

The Imperial Science Academy’s director of xenological studies, Ivano Colombera, responded to a press query with:

“My hypothesis is that the Thargoids’ ability to disrupt Guardian technology was first conceived millions of years ago during the Guardian/Thargoid conflict, and only now have they sought to redeploy it against our hybrid modules. Nevertheless, my division has been ordered to focus on developing practical countermeasures.”

Dr Jeong-Hui Shin, a senior member of the Holloway Bioscience Institute, outlined her viewpoint via the Rewired network:

“We should not assume that the Thargoids have consciously adapted to us, or even register us as an intelligent life-form. We may be no more than parasites to them. Perhaps their vessels are responding like biomechanical ‘antibodies’, automatically fighting against a particularly virulent strain of human infection in HIP 22460.”