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Imperial Citizens are Meant to Fly

11 APR 3301

Evidently the Senator from Facece wasn’t engaging in empty political posturing when she said that she would find those responsible for the attack on her father. On Arissa’s orders a sizeable number of Counts and Earls have flocked to Facece to help investigate both their fellow nobility and the citizenry under their care.

Now, in a move doubtlessly spurred by the ongoing investigation, reports coming from Nu state that the Princess Lavigny-Duval has ordered a sizeable fleet of Imperial Clippers be constructed in the shipyards of Syromyatnikov Horizons. The Senator’s office on Facece has stated that the project will be jointly overseen by the Citizens of Tradition and the Gutamaya Corporation.

When asked why she felt the need to establish her own personal fleet, the Princess had this to say:

“There is a venom running through the veins of our great nation, a poison that threatens to consume each and every one of us through our own avarice and spite. This fleet represents a cure. It will be a lance of light that acts to purge the darkness threatening to engulf our homes and corrupt our children. With this fleet I will reclaim our people’s honour, and in doing so I will bring a true and lasting peace to the streets of the Empire.”