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Hudson Demands Debate

08 MAY 3301

It looks like the President may not be taking her planned tour after all, following news that Shadow President Hudson has publicly challenged President Halsey to a live policy debate on the popular Federal political stream show ‘Face the People’.

So far, the President’s office has declined to offer an official response to Shadow President Hudson’s request.

The President is now in the unenviable position of having to turn down the Shadow President’s request, which risks making the President appear weak at a time when she needs to appear strong in order to turn public opinion around. The alternative is being forced to cancel her trip, which could potentially lose her whatever support she’s managed to muster among her frontier followers.

As always, stay tuned to GalNet for more information as it becomes available.

Old World Resurgence in Diso

08 MAY 3301

The newest rejuvenation project to hit the Old Worlds has been announced, and this time it’s the Green Party of Diso who have stepped up to the challenge of making its home a pleasant (and profitable) place to live.

As most traders are well aware, Diso is famous for its Diso Ma Corn. A hearty, healthy, tasty plant, this covers itself in a light dust which when snorted produces an intense but brief feeling of contentment and wellbeing. Currently, Diso Ma Corn can only be (cost-effectively) grown on the planet of Birmingham. This is due to a unique collection of nutrients found in the planet’s soil, combined with the near-constant bombardment of the planet by solar waves being ejected from Diso itself.

Now the Green Party of Diso is hoping to capitalise on its unique cash crop by increasing the output of Birmingham’s Ma Corn plantations. To do that, the Green Party has placed orders to the tune of 15 million tonnes worth of Machinery, in particular the Green Party are interest in purchasing a large quantity of Atmospheric Processors, Crop Harvesters, Power Generators and Water Purifiers.

In order to earn personal bonuses you must sign up as an active participant before selling Machinery to The Diso Green Party. Only Atmospheric Processors, Crop Harvesters, Power Generators and Water Purifiers sold after signing up will be counted towards your personal contribution total.