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Federal Times Reporter Named as Murder Suspect

23 AUG 3301

Federal Times Reporter Named as Murder Suspect

Following news of the brutal murder of Agent Susan Monroe, the Federal Security Services upgraded Elaine Boyd’s person of interest status to 'suspect', and called for any information regarding the reporter’s movements.

“This was a particularly savage murder of a person who laid their life on the line. We believe that Elaine Boyd was using her lover to access confidential information. While we haven’t yet ascertained the exact nature of the information she was trying to access or why she murdered the agent. It is also unknown whether Agent Monroe was a willing participant in the information retrieval, although we believe that her murder indicates that she was not.

“We urge anybody who sees Elaine Boyd to report her location immediately. At this time she is considered dangerous and should not be approached.”

In a statement, the Chief Editor of the Federal Times said:

“Having worked with Miss Boyd for seven years, I find it hard to imagine that she could commit the crime she is accused of. We are of course helping the security services with their inquiries, but I can confirm we have had no contact with Miss Boyd for several days.”

Emperor’s Killer Not Working Alone?

23 AUG 3301

Emperor’s Killer Not Working Alone?

While Chancellor Anders Blaine has provided almost daily updates on the investigation of Emperor Hengist Duval’s assassination there has been little progress of note until today. The breakthrough is reported to have originated from an investigation into the killing of Brendan Paul Darius’ family.

The local investigator, Inspector Reeve, discovered encrypted data files hidden within the toys of the six year old girl killed in the attack. These files have revealed the existence of a secret group – calling themselves Emperor’s Dawn. They are an ultra-traditionalist movement fearing the erosion of imperial values.

The exact reason why the Emperor was targeted is as yet unknown, but it was discovered that Princess Aisling has also been targeted by the group. In response to this threat her security has been increased.

Chancellor Blaine concluded his update by saying:

“This unexpected development has revealed a hideous cancer within our society. One that will be hunted down and eradicated with the utmost urgency.”