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Emperor’s Dawn Issues Request for Supplies

11 SEP 3301

Emperor’s Dawn Issues Request for Supplies

As news spreads that Senator Denton Patreus has launched a military operation against Emperor’s Dawn, journalists at The Imperial Citizen report that the insurgent group has issued a public appeal for commodities. Significantly, the goods the group has requested – progenitor cells and narcotics – are illegal in many jurisdictions.

Emperor’s Dawn has not explained its need for these commodities, but given its militant stance it can be safely assumed that the goods will used in its ongoing campaign against the Empire. The organisation is understood to have set up delivery points at starports in the Ipilyaqa and Ch’i Lin systems.

The Empire has not issued a response to the appeal, but it is likely that it will implore the public to ignore the request. But with so many independent traders in the galaxy, many of whom have no particular loyalty to the Empire, it seems inevitable that at least some will answer the call of Emperor’s Dawn.

Emperor’s Dawn Bases Discovered

11 SEP 3301

Emperor’s Dawn Bases Discovered

According to the office of Senator Denton Patreus, Imperial intelligence has discovered several bases belonging to Emperor’s Dawn. Senator Patreus, who is leading the campaign against Emperor’s Dawn, has issued a statement confirming that he is initiating a combat operation designed to destroy the insurrectionists. The senator made the following announcement to the press:

“We are not dealing merely with treasonous sentiments here – we are dealing with a violent organisation that has shown itself willing and able to commit truly heinous acts. They have already taken the life of our beloved Emperor - where might their misguided rage fall next? We must act swiftly and decisively if we are to eliminate this threat to the Empire.”

Imperial forces have been mobilised for the operation, but independent pilots are also being called on to lend their aid. Senator Patreus is offering generous rewards to those who contribute to the campaign.

Kumo Crew to Target Lavigny-Duval

11 SEP 3301

Kumo Crew to Target Lavigny-Duval

Systems under the sway of Arissa Lavigny-Duval have begun expressing discontent at the current political situation in the Empire, and the Kumo Crew is taking the opportunity to cause trouble of their own.

Leaked military intelligence indicates that hundreds of Kumo Crew fleets will soon descend on Imperial territory in an effort to cultivate further civil unrest. The plan is apparently to force Duval into admitting the foolishness of the Pegasi War by bringing it as close to home as possible.

Operation Uranus saw the Kumo Crew pirates target worlds under the influence of Senator Denton Patreus, but this is the first time they have been bold enough to strike farther afield. Only time will tell what impact this will have on the Imperial power players.

Commander Mikalus

The People’s Princess Speaks

11 SEP 3301

The People’s Princess Speaks

At a public charity event in which several dozen slaves were granted their freedom, Princess Aisling Duval took the opportunity to speak about the succession.

“It seems peculiar that as the closest living relative of our beloved Emperor, I am not involved in the process of selecting his successor. It is even stranger that there is a process at all - after all, I am the natural heir.”

Her attempt to gloss over the legality of her claim has sparked angry rebuttals from legal experts and the camps of the other likely candidates. When we spoke to people on the street, however, we encountered almost universal support for the Princess. One Capitol resident told us:

“I’m all for tradition, but we have to move with the times. Princess Aisling Duval understands what we need to do, and has the youthful vigour to make that happen.”

A Week in Powerplay

11 SEP 3301

A Week in Powerplay

Aisling Duval has once again topped the powerplay rankings, as extraordinarily low opposition to the people’s princess, combined with sufficient fortification, has allowed her to excel above all others this week.

Zachary Hudson has demonstrated an ability to stand firm against overwhelming opposition. Undermining in over thirty systems was cancelled and extended the protection of the Federation fleet to several more, and Hudson’s rise to second place is well warranted this week.

Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s rising administrative costs, accompanied by shrewd undermining, has led to turmoil in seven systems this week. An increased emphasis on meaningful fortification is clearly needed to maintain the senator’s sway over her vast territory.

Edmund Mahon has again guided the Alliance into prosperity. Careful fortification has secured Alliance borders, although the Alliance saw more opposition than the Empire. Prime Minister Mahon is now poised to offer citizenship to several key systems in the coming week.

Felicia Winters, much like Hudson, weathered above-average undermining, but in spite of this she proved her resilience by providing humanitarian aid to one star cluster while maintaining a comfortable command capital reserve.

Denton Patreus, ever the smooth operator, balanced his budgets nearly perfectly this week. Evading a deficit, his fleets now occupy control spheres in two additional locations.

Li Yong-Rui has led Sirius Gov back into the black. Shrewd leadership, cutbacks, and the diligent labours of Sirius representatives have yielded a large command capital reserve. With an optimistic outlook, SiriusGov is poised to extend its influence once more in its corner of space.

Zemina Torval has made a recovery from recent weeks of turmoil and the reduction of her portfolio. The senator now looks to end a long period of contraction in her enterprises through the acquisition of key systems.

Archon Delaine’s lean forces have again amassed enough command capital to stir up insurrections in several systems. Although the Kumo Crew was rebuffed in its attempts to overthrow Federation and Imperial systems, a surge in criminal activity was reported in several more systems.

Pranav Antal’s quiet commune succeeded in sharing the vision of Utopia with the inhabitants of Miki and the surrounding systems, and his people now hope to bring these systems into the fold. With no systems undermined this week, Pranav’s people are clearly the embodiment of Utopia.

Commander Corrigendum

GalNet Weekly Conflict Report

11 SEP 3301

GalNet Weekly Conflict Report

This weekly transmission lists some of the systems currently in conflict around the galaxy, based on the latest data (*).

Here are 10 of the 13,309 minor factions involved in a civil war:

Dakshmandi Focus

Maausk Emperor's Grace

V775 Herculi Boys

Ho Hsien Values Party

Ho Hsien Legal Group

Mariyacoch for Equality

Holiacan Dynamic Company

Autocracy of Furuhjelm III-674

Furuhjelm III-674 Republic Party

Pfembali Raiders

Civil wars involve conflict between minor factions in the same system over ownership of major assets such as starports. During civil wars, only combat missions and activities help bring the conflict to a resolution. Security, development level and standard of living indicators all drop for the duration of the civil war.

Here are 10 of the 2,562 minor factions at war:

Anum Empire Assembly

Revolutionary Party of Pepper

Yurundhi Co-op

Kitae Nationals

Tavgi Blue Life Inc

LTT 9795 Boys

Mongatha Domain

Dukes of Maray

Hand Gang of HIP 32435

Gaohikel for Equality

Wars occur when a minor faction invades another star system. For the duration of the conflict, wealth, security and standard of living are all severely impacted. Combat missions and activities determine who wins the war. If no winner emerges, the war ends in a ceasefire.

* Data is correct at time of publishing.