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Exphiay Entertains Shadow President

10 APR 3301

This evening marks the 153rd annual Exphiay Bankers’ Ball. Shadow President Hudson will be in attendance, as will Frank Hall – CEO of Gallant Investment, Paul Wiggins – CEO of Wiggins Development Trust, and Patricia Spellman – Vice President of Sirius Finance.

The 1 million-credits-a-head dinner will see the Federation’s rich and famous rub shoulders with some of the galaxy’s most influential powerbrokers. One of the main topics of conversation is expected to revolve around fiscal responsibility in the face of the continued failing of the current Federal leadership.

Notable absences include President Halsey and Vice President Naylor, both of whom were reportedly not invited to the star-studded event. Further reports indicate that well-known liberal leaning corporations such as Better Green Developments, Roach Investment Banking, Worster Insurance, Lycan Moon Mining and Benton’s Natural Remedies were also all deliberately blocked from attending.

The Low Cost of Lives

10 APR 3301

The office of Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval issued a statement this morning to reveal what information had been collected by members of the Imperial Court loyal to the House of Duval.

“The Princess is extremely grateful for the support offered by her allies in these difficult times.”

“As expected, the interrogation of the would-be-assassin failed to produce any useful information as to who ordered the attack. Fortunately the ex-assassin was persuaded to divulge the name of the organisation that tasked them with the attempt.”

“Members of the Imperial Court were dispatched to investigate the matter in more detail, and thanks to work carried out by Count von Auerburg, Earl Rednam and Earl Khaelmin we now know where to concentrate our efforts on next.”

“Have no fear loyal citizens. Even now the Princess is preparing to initiate the next stage of the investigation. The Princess will catch those responsible, and she will make them pay for their transgressions.”

When Worlds Collide

10 APR 3301

Reports are coming in from all over the Federation of a resurgence in nightclubs catering to under-40s. Analysts are at a loss to explain why so many Federal youths have suddenly decided to abandon their artificial realities in favour of physical content, but the numbers don't lie.

Over 30% of under-40s who responded to a recent GalNet poll said that they'd visited a physical nightclub in the last month, compared to just 12% during the same period last year.

The shift has already seen billions of credits being poured into local Federal economies. This is causing a series of economic booms that are allowing some previously stagnant systems to begin a period of expansion, the likes of which they haven't experienced in years.

It isn't all good news, though. Several dozen regions have reported an increase in violent crimes linked with various youth gatherings. So far most instances of violence have been self-contained, but political pundits are concerned about more widespread implications should the number of gatherings continue to grow.