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Mahon: ‘Alliance Will Support Aegis’

06 FEB 3309

The Alliance Assembly has voted to make a contribution to Aegis if the agency is reformed by the three superpowers.

Prime Minister Edmund Mahon made an official announcement:

“Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s change of heart regarding anti-xeno collaboration has triggered swift action from Alliance systems. The Assembly has re-appraised a bill proposed last November by Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran, seeking to approve Aegis’s reformation. A majority vote has now passed that bill.”

“The Alliance will therefore commit ships, resources and personnel to a collaborative anti-xeno agency. We will also share Thargoid-related intelligence and scientific data to a central database shared with the Empire and Federation.”

“The strategic defence pact with Sirius Corporation remains in effect, and the company continues to work with us on protecting Allied systems.”

It has been suggested that Li Yong-Rui privately advised the prime minister against holding the vote, with the view that Sirius Corporation could fill the role of humanity's primary anti-xeno organisation. However, political analysts noted that Mahon has a long-standing dedication to multilateral cooperation against the Thargoids.

Deputy Prime Minister Corcoran will act as the Alliance’s primary contact with any new incarnation of Aegis. Commodore Emil Varga has volunteered to serve as military liaison, with Dr Maximo Fonseca of Gateway Laboratories taking the lead on xenological research.

Pirates Lead Counter-Attack Against Thargoids

02 FEB 3309

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The Kumo Crew is marshalling the defence of the California Nebula by offering rewards for eliminating Thargoid vessels.

The Kumo Council, the syndicate’s ruling body, assumed control of several systems that were recently invaded by Thargoid fleets. Independent pilots have been asked to take part in anti-xeno initiatives within the region, which are being coordinated from The Mictlan megaship.

Harrison Gladstone of the Turner Research Group, which represents the Alliance in the California Nebula, made a formal protest:

“We are not happy about defence initiatives being funded by a ruthless criminal gang. These pirates are using the Thargoid attacks to expand their illegal activity, thus jeopardising our faction’s scientific and commercial interests. Several of our ports in the area are now under Kumo Crew ‘emergency protections’, as they’ve termed it. This is an illegal occupation of Allied territory!”

In response, Archon Delaine claimed:

“Taking charge of local security forces is necessary to form an effective anti-xeno militia. If the Alliance cares so much about this region, where are their warships? We’re doing Mahon’s job for him. The colonists here will soon understand our decision is the correct one.”

The Kumo Council has agreed to reimburse all Thargoid combat bonds handed in at The Mictlan in California Sector HR-W d1-28.

Class 5 Experimental Weapons Stabiliser Released

01 FEB 3309

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Azimuth Biotech has commercially launched a new module that allows two additional AX weapons to be added to large ships.

The experimental weapons stabiliser increases the number of AX weapons which can be installed on a ship. The class 3 variant released last week increases the limit to five, whereas the class 5 variant released yesterday increases it to six.

Both versions entered mass production following Azimuth Biotech’s highly successful resource drive in the LHS 1163 system. CEO Torben Rademaker issued a statement to accompany the product launch:

“Our proprietary technology has bypassed the inherent design flaws of Aegis’s AX weaponry. The experimental weapons stabiliser will play a vital role in the ongoing defence of the core systems.”

“I can only assume that the current chatter about reforming Aegis is due to misplaced nostalgia. How quickly people forget the Baumann Report, which laid bare the organisation’s inefficiency and incompetence. The logical path to victory is to employ the most accomplished anti-xeno specialists, such as those found here at Azimuth Biotech.”

Emperor Approves Aisling’s Plan for Aegis

31 JAN 3309

Princess Aisling Duval met with Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval in person to discuss an Imperial contribution to the reformation of Aegis.

The Imperial Herald’s political journalist Cassia Carvalho reported on events:

“Aisling Duval’s arrival at the Imperial Palace was completely unexpected, according to several dignitaries whose appointed meetings with the Emperor were abruptly cancelled. One senatorial aide described how the princess ‘burst into the throne room so suddenly that I’m surprised the Imperial Guard didn’t shoot her’.”

“Despite visible irritation, Emperor Arissa acceded to Princess Aisling’s demand for urgent talks. The two royals held a private conversation behind closed doors for many hours. I heard claims of raised voices at one stage, but nobody was willing to go on record to confirm this.”

“Eventually, Her Majesty call for the media to assemble, which we did eagerly. The Emperor made it clear that her decree to isolate from the other superpowers remained active. However, if Aegis were to be re-established, a limited number of scientists and naval vessels would be allocated to the anti-xeno agency. Princess Aisling would take ownership of the endeavour, and coordinate with both Imperial and foreign organisations.”

“Senators and Imperial Navy officials were surprised by this exception to the Emperor’s policy. But political analysts remarked on the shrewdness of making Princess Aisling personally responsible for the proposed anti-xeno collaboration, thereby distancing the Emperor from any potential failures.”

“Insiders claim that Princess Aisling has already requested members for her delegation including Senator Caspian Leopold, Vice Admiral Skylar Anderson and xenological specialist Ivano Colombera. She has also tasked the Imperial Diplomatic Corps with re-opening diplomatic channels to the Alliance and Federation, specifically to share information about Alba Tesreau’s respective proposals for a reformed Aegis.”

Admiral Tanner Withdraws from Federal Navy

30 JAN 3309

Admiral Aden Tanner has formally resigned his commission with the Federal Navy, mere weeks after a presidential pardon overturned his court martial.

He had returned to naval service following an executive order from President Zachary Hudson. But this unexpected resignation means he is no longer a member of the military, although he retains the honorific of ‘admiral’.

Admiral Tanner released a personal statement, which was published by The Federal Times:

“I must begin by expressing my gratitude to President Hudson, and thank all those who supported my actions in the T Tauri system. History has proven that Salvation was willing to sacrifice millions of lives in his personal vendetta against the Thargoids, and we are suffering the after-effects of that obsession today.”

“The Federal Navy was once my home, but my disillusionment has grown over recent years. Politics and commercial influences hold this great institution back from safeguarding the Federation to its fullest capability. Now that the Thargoid threat has reached such a colossal degree, I find such restrictions frustrating to a point that I would likely be a nuisance to my fellow admirals. I have too much respect for every person serving the navy to offer anything less than my best – that best is now prohibited by bureaucracy. Therefore I am stepping down for the benefit of all.”

“As per the presidential pardon’s terms, I will continue developing anti-xeno strategies as an independent military specialist. I will liaise directly with Fleet Admiral Tayo Maikori to contribute to the navy’s war efforts, while also collaborating with other organisations down the line. I remain dedicated to saving lives and bringing this war to an end as soon as possible.”

“To any Thargoids who may be listening: you haven’t seen the last of me yet.”

Xeno Scanner Upgrade

27 JAN 3309

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

An improved xeno scanner has been released to assist combat vessels engaged in anti-xeno operations.

Following increased calls from AX pilots that the existing xeno scanner’s limited range was a hindrance, Professor Palin’s team at Arque Laboratory delivered a redesign to manufacturers that extends the scanner’s upper range to two kilometres.

Industrial complexes have worked overtime to distribute the latest model of xeno scanner. It is now available from military, high-tech and industrial planetary bases, as well as rescue megaships.

Delaine Vows to Defend California Nebula

27 JAN 3309

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The Kumo Crew syndicate has rallied in the California Nebula to repel the region’s Thargoid invasion forces.

In recent weeks Thargoid fleets swarmed through several local systems. The Kumo Council, the enclave’s authority for the notorious organisation, rapidly called in reinforcements in three systems it governs. Local security forces are now organising counter-attacks against Thargoid vessels.

Archon Delaine, warlord of the Kumo Crew, announced:

“Already the war has reached the California Nebula. But are any superpower navies racing to its defence? Of course not – the Alliance considers this colony expendable. It’s down to us to protect the nebula’s citizens, and will do whatever it takes to succeed.”

The Pegasi Sentinel newsfeed published a request for populations not to impede Kumo Crew activity, suggesting that fleet mobilisation is ‘a temporary measure to provide a coordinated resistance against the Thargoids’. It is thought Kumo Crew’s megaship, the Mictlan, is preparing to deploy in support of these efforts.

This message was rejected by Turner Research Group, which controls several of the invaded systems. The scientific organisation was established by the Alliance in 3302 to study the barnacles discovered in the region. Harrison Gladstone, the group’s spokesperson, declared: “Delaine is obviously using the Thargoid attacks as a pretence for a power grab. There is no chance that these pirates will defend our systems out of the goodness of their blackened hearts. We’ll know what Delaine’s real plan is soon enough.”

The California Nebula has witnessed several Thargoid attacks, most recently last October, but this is the first marked increase in hostilities following the arrival of the Maelstroms.

Experimental Weapons Stabiliser Becomes Available

26 JAN 3309

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The class 3 experimental weapon stabiliser is now available following Azimuth Biotech’s delivery initiative in LHS 1163.

The corporation’s PR division confirmed the release of its new product in a press release:

“This variant of Azimuth’s experimental weapons stabiliser is now widely available for purchase. By redirecting and absorbing internal stresses, it allows a ship to carry a total of five AX weapons rather than the previous limit of four. The class 5 variant of the stabiliser, which permits two additional AX weapons, is scheduled to reach the market next week.”

“Our manufacturing partners were able to begin this rapid production cycle thanks to receiving great quantities of meta-alloys, insulating membranes, HN shock mounts and beryllium. Pilots who delivered these materials can now collect their rewards from the Glorious Prospect megaship in the LHS 1163 system.”

“Azimuth Biotech remains fully committed to supporting anti-xeno initiatives. Our team will continue playing a significant role in combating Thargoid aggression and protecting innocent lives.”

Retail outlets have reported an increase in purchases for both AX missile racks and multi-cannons, including the enhanced designs recently produced by the engineers Liz Ryder and Zacariah Nemo. The class 5 variant of the experimental weapons stabiliser is expected to further boost sales of AX weaponry when released on Thursday 2nd February.

The Pro-Aegis Stance of the Princess

23 JAN 3309

Princess Aisling Duval’s call for the Empire to commit to a resumed Aegis project, alongside the Alliance and Federation, has received a harsh response.

Admiral Denton Patreus was approached for comment by the Eye on Achenar newsfeed:

“We all have our part to play in the Empire, but questioning military policy is hardly within a princess’s remit. I would humbly suggest that Her Highness focuses on those areas where she excels: charity work, hosting parties, advocating the wellbeing of the citizens and so forth.”

A similar viewpoint was expressed by Senator Zemina Torval, who simply remarked: “Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but there was a time when attempting to challenge the Emperor’s decree was viewed as an insult to the throne.”

Hadrian Augustus Duval’s response was less confrontational but clear: “I firmly believe that non-collaboration is the best direction for the Empire, and respectfully ask Aisling not to undermine this policy through the press.”

However, Senator Caspian Leopold offered an alternative take:

“Princess Aisling has a much better understanding of political realities than many give her credit for. After personally consulting with scientific, military and political specialists, she has concluded that reforming Aegis is the logical move. Far from challenging Emperor Arissa’s policy, this is a heartfelt attempt to support her reign by increasing the Empire’s chances of victory against the Thargoids.”

Thargoid War Update: January 3309

20 JAN 3309

Vox Galactica reporter Jade Sanderlyn has published a summary of the current situation in the conflict against the Thargoids.

“Many of us who witnessed those terrifying events in HIP 22460 felt that it was both an ending and a beginning – that history had turned a page. Five months later, the Second Thargoid War has escalated to a point which may yet close the book altogether.”

“The arrival of the eight Maelstroms resulted in 44 populated systems being completely overwhelmed by the Thargoids. Dozens of neighbouring regions were also attacked by their fleets, leaving starports and settlements ablaze. Billions were killed and billions more fled from their homes as panicked refugees, creating the greatest humanitarian crisis of all time.”

“Despite the lack of coordination previously provided by Aegis and Salvation, anti-xeno efforts have been herculean. Allied, Federal and Imperial warships rapidly responded to form a vanguard against the invaders, and thousands of independent pilots have valiantly fought the Thargoid swarms across multiple battlefields.”

“Military experts believe that neutralising the Maelstroms will stem the endless waves of Thargoid vessels. Unfortunately, their caustic clouds and repulsing energy waves prevent our ships from exploring whatever resides within. They also generate the same disruptive field found in HIP 22460, which prevents any Guardian-based weapons from functioning within the system.”

“But there is hope. A small but steady flow of unclassified relics, those strange artefacts recovered from Thargoid surface sites after the Proteus Wave fired, have made their way to Professor Ishmael Palin and Ram Tah. A leading theory is that they share esoteric properties with several of the Thargoids’ recent technological advances, and may hold the key to developing countermeasures. Many other scientists are focusing on xenological research, striving to locate a weakness or develop an advantage.”

“Until such a breakthrough occurs, we are reliant upon our spacefaring warriors to contain the most destructive adversary the human race has ever faced. This is Jade Sanderlyn for Vox Galactica. Stay safe out there.”

Experimental Weapon Stabiliser Initiative Begins

19 JAN 3309

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Azimuth Biotech has requested deliveries to LHS 1163 to manufacture a module that increases AX weapons capacity.

A press release from the corporation’s PR division stated:

“Azimuth’s dedication to defeating the Thargoids, which stretches back more than a century, has reached a new milestone with the development of our experimental weapon stabiliser.”

“This proprietary invention redistributes the physical stresses that AX weapons place upon a ship’s infrastructure. The class 3 and class 5 variants allow ships to be outfitted with one or two additional AX weapons respectively.”

“Supplies of meta-alloys, insulating membranes, HN shock mounts and beryllium are required to begin mass production of our successful prototypes. All shipments should be delivered to the Glorious Prospect megaship in the LHS 1163 system. Sufficient resources will allow the class 3 variant of the experimental weapon stabiliser to become available immediately, with the class 5 variant reaching the market a short time later.”

The opportunity to increase hardpoint capacity for anti-xeno combat ships has been broadly welcomed. But critics have noted that Azimuth Biotech stands to commercially benefit from this contribution to the conflict, which many believe was triggered by its Proteus Wave operation in the HIP 22460 system.

A spokesperson for Operation Wych Hunt, an independent community established to oppose Azimuth Biotech, offered this statement:

"The proposed modules will benefit humanity in the fight against the ongoing Thargoid threat and we support anybody who takes advantage of them. But this does not absolve Azimuth Biotech of the terrible acts that they committed under the leadership of Caleb Wycherley. The company still must be held accountable for the many atrocities it has committed, including the inhumane experiments of Project Seraph and the vile murder of thousands onboard the Alexandria."

Princess Aisling Echoes Aegis Reformation Calls

16 JAN 3309

Princess Aisling Duval has publicly asked Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval to reconsider pledging Imperial resources to a cross-superpower anti-xeno initiative.

Her message was shared on all Imperial newsfeeds:

“The Empire’s capability to defend itself is not in question. But neither is there any doubt that we are facing a protracted war. The ferocity and scale of the Thargoid onslaught on human space is unprecedented. Of course the Empire will survive, as it has for over a millennium… but at what cost? How many systems must fall? How many citizens will grieve for lost loved ones?”

“Emperor Arissa, I implore you: work with the Alliance and Federation to reform Aegis. Our combined resources are needed to develop new technologies to overcome the alien armadas. Corporate interests must not dictate this path. Let Imperial ingenuity and courage light the way to victory over a common enemy.”

A handful of senators supported Princess Aisling’s plea initially, though others have criticised her for daring to challenge the Emperor’s decree. As yet there has been no response from the Imperial Palace.

Gudrun Vestergaard , royal correspondent for The Imperial Herald, commented:

“There is speculation that this may cause friction between Aisling and her cousin Hadrian Duval, whose long-held isolationist beliefs are now aligned with Imperial policy. Until now both have enjoyed a close relationship, with Aisling even being chosen as honour-mother to Hadrian’s baby son Hector. But their views on Imperial foreign policy could not be more different, and recent events have brought this into sharp focus.”

Azimuth Announces Experimental Weapons Stabiliser

12 JAN 3309

Azimuth Biotech has revealed prototypes of a module which improves hardpoint capacity for AX ships at the TZ Arietis Weapon Expo.

The event showcased a range of military products to entice governments, corporations and private groups into contracts with arms suppliers. But the current demand for anti-xeno weaponry meant that Azimuth Biotech’s announcement gained the greatest media attention.

CEO Torben Rademaker delivered a presentation on the expo’s main stage:

“Azimuth’s experimental weapons stabiliser is designed to redistribute the physical stresses that experimental modules place upon a ship’s structural integrity. Its unique technology will allow ships to utilise AX weapons above the current limit of four, expanding a pilots’ options when engaging Thargoid vessels.”

“The medium variant of our stabiliser allows one additional experimental weapon to be installed, while the large variant can facilitate two additional experimental weapons. Both stabilisers support the enhanced AX missile racks and multi-cannons that recently became available.”

“While I have your attention, I’d like to add that Azimuth utterly condemns the recent pardon of the war criminal Aden Tanner. It is shocking that Aegis’s unprovoked attack against our headquarters at Hind Mine could be glossed over so easily. We have informed the Federation that Azimuth has no intention of relinquishing our ownership of the Musashi, the megaship commanded by Tanner during his failed attempt to steal company assets.”

During the weapons expo, Azimuth Biotech made successful deals to commercially manufacture its experimental weapons stabilisers. An initiative is being planned to acquire the raw materials needed to establish mass production.

Admiral Tanner Receives Presidential Pardon

09 JAN 3309

The court martial verdict of Admiral Aden Tanner has been officially overturned by an executive order from President Zachary Hudson.

In November 3307, Tanner attempted to take control of Hind Mine starport while in command of the Musashi megaship. He claimed that databanks at the headquarters of Taurus Mining Ventures – as Azimuth Biotech was then known – contained evidence that Salvation’s anti-xeno superweapons were designed to attract the Thargoids into populated systems before they were deployed.

A legal review last September, after the Proteus Wave was used to entice Thargoids to HIP 22460, substantiated Tanner’s claims. His sentence was commuted to time served, but his dishonourable discharge was upheld. This granting of clemency by President Hudson quashes the convictions of mutiny and unlawful military action.

The Office of the Federal President published the following:

“Aden Tanner has an impressive and honourable record of service to the Federation, including a key role as chief military liaison to Aegis. His brief violation of protocol has since been accepted as based on sound intelligence. President Hudson therefore believes that Tanner’s in-depth experience in combating Thargoid forces is too valuable to disregard, considering the current situation.”

A brief statement was also made by Fleet Admiral Tayo Maikori:

“I fully support this presidential pardon, which is in the best interests of all citizens. Admiral Tanner has been formally reinstated and is already being briefed on strategic plans regarding the Thargoids.”

“I’d like to stress that I believe the Federal Navy Criminal Court’s original verdict was just and fair, given all available information at the time. This executive action does not undermine the court’s crucial role in maintaining order among enlisted personnel.”

Subject D-2 Departs on Lone Mission

05 JAN 3309

Mystery surrounds the unexpected disappearance of Seo Jin-ae, who has reportedly departed the facility she’d been staying at.

Professor Alba Tesreau provided a statement to the media:

“Seo Jin-ae’s mental and physical health have improved over the past three months, with the discomfort caused by her cortical implant significantly reduced. This afternoon, I learned that she failed to attend a routine therapy appointment, and was soon found to have left the facility altogether. Somehow Seo managed to depart without logging her ID at the primary entry point.”

“Initially I feared that she had been abducted by Azimuth operatives, sent by the company which subjected her to horrific neurosurgical procedures. But I soon received a time-delayed communiqué from Seo explaining her departure was voluntary. She offered heartfelt thanks to me and other former Aegis members for our help, but declared: ‘I have unfinished business with Salvation.’”

“I don’t know what this refers to, since Salvation died in HIP 22460. Seo is a headstrong and determined individual who clearly prefers operating alone. I believe she should not be travelling without protection, though. Her ability to interpret the Thargoids’ actions could make her a target for those who mean her harm. I urge anyone who encounters her to alert local authorities.”

Azimuth Biotech offered a response from Director Nassim Qadir , head of the corporation’s medical research division:

“This erratic activity from Ms Seo displays typical characteristics of delusion and paranoid obsession with Salvation, whose death has been confirmed by eyewitness reports. We must question what type of ‘medical help’ she has been subjected to, if it forced her to abscond in this fashion. She would receive far more effective therapeutic care at our facilities.”