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Alliance President Proposes Changes

01 SEP 3304

Alliance President Gibson Kincaid has confirmed he will campaign for re-election in October.

Addressing the media, President Kincaid also said he wanted to make significant changes to the Alliance constitution:

“The role of Alliance president is largely ceremonial. I believe that should change. I have been lobbying to invest the position with executive powers, over and above the prime minister and the Assembly. By streamlining our bureaucracy, we can make decisions as efficiently as the other superpowers.”

“I also believe that each presidential incumbent should remain in office for six years, instead of a maximum of two one-year terms. That will allow time to renegotiate diplomatic relationships and correct past mistakes.”

Gibson Kincaid was the governor of the Zaonce system before assuming the presidency in 3303. He has repeatedly claimed that the Alliance is failing to fulfil its true potential.

Prime Minister Edmund Mahon responded:

“Our constitution has served us well for decades and I see no reason to amend it. Its system of checks and balances exists to prevent any individual from becoming too powerful and destabilising the Alliance.”

The other presidential candidates will be announced within the next two weeks.

Computer Designers’ Rivalry Escalates

01 SEP 3304

Maddox Hurd, owner of Herculean Machines, has publicly dismissed the efforts of rival company Supratech. Both companies are currently developing new computer designs.

Mr Hurd referred directly to Supratech’s forthcoming product, the Torc, while addressing the media:

“There’s a reason Herculean has never explored the concept of wearable devices – it’s a ridiculous idea! I bet a million credits that those fragile gizmos will break, or their holograms will start glitching, the moment you turn them on.”

“If you want a reliable piece of tech, you need the Duradrive. Believe me, our device will keep on working whatever you throw at it…and even if you throw it.”

When invited to comment, Supratech CEO Scorpio DeVorrow responded:

“It’s regrettable that those with a clear vision of the future are often denigrated by individuals of limited imagination. We offer an elegant and revolutionary approach to personal computing – not just a rubber brick with a screen. I’m sure customers will make the intelligent choice.”

Prototypes for both the Torc and the Duradrive will be unveiled at the Rackham Ultratech Expo on Wednesday the 3rd of October.