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President’s Bodyguard Found Murdered

21 AUG 3301

President’s Bodyguard Found Murdered

The Federal Security Services today revealed that a member of the Presidential Protection Detail has been found dead in her home.

“Agent Susan Monroe was killed in the early hours of this morning and there is evidence that her residence had been searched. At this time we do not know why, or if anything was taken. Her death was caused by several stab wounds to the chest and neck.”

When asked whether there were any suspects in the case, the spokeswoman responded:

“We don’t have a suspect at this stage and the investigation is progressing. We do want to speak with Elaine Boyd, who was romantically involved with Agent Monroe, and have identified her as a person of interest in the case. We urge her to contact us to help us with our investigation. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Elaine Boyd then they should inform us or their local law enforcement agency.”

Elaine Boyd is a reporter with the Federal Times, which refused to comment when asked about the reporter.

Imperial Slave Association Audited

21 AUG 3301

Imperial Slave Association Audited

A surprise audit of the Imperial Slave Association was recently conducted by a special committee of the Imperial senate. The records and practices of the ISA were meticulously examined to ensure compliance with laws governing the treatment and transportation of Imperial slaves. The committee found numerous violations of transportation regulations in systems near Imperial borders, and numerous border-security officers and pilots were subsequently indicted for these violations.

No serious violations concerning the treatment of Imperial Slaves were uncovered, though many warnings were issued to those who were found holding slaves beyond their fixed term of service. Imperial slaves found in these circumstances were restored to full citizenship and reimbursed for the labour they performed beyond their established term.

The ISA issued a statement following the audit:

“We wish to reiterate that the sale of Imperial slaves to non-Imperials and to systems beyond Imperial space is strictly prohibited. Any who are found engaging in this illicit activity will be held accountable."

Commander Corrigendum

Claims of Federal Involvement

21 AUG 3301

Claims of Federal Involvement

With the long history of conflict between the superpowers, it is not unexpected that some of the more paranoid members of the Imperial population have directed their suspicions concerning the Emperor’s assassination at the Federation. While no-one in authority within the Empire takes these claims seriously, some of the citizens and lower members of Imperial society wonder that if the claims aren’t true, then why don’t those in charge simply say so?

Some believe that these unanswered, if unreasonable, questions lay at the heart of some of the trouble reported in the queue of mourners on Capitol.

To many of us, the thought that the Federation would risk all-out war by killing the leader of the only other superpower capable of battling them on equal terms is far out there. But it’s not the craziest theory by a long mark.

Conspiracy theorist Ricardo Bentonio claims that the Emperor is not dead, instead it is just his human host that has been transformed and the being we knew as Emperor Hengist Duval has returned to his homeworld in the Andromeda galaxy.

GalNet Weekly Conflict Report

21 AUG 3301

GalNet Weekly Conflict Report

This weekly transmission lists some of the systems currently in conflict around the galaxy, based on the latest data (*).

Here are 10 of the 13,383 minor factions involved in a civil war:

Independent Dimoco for Equality

Cemiess Inc

New Kigana Movement

VESPER-M4 Cartel

Betel Free

Social Potriti Future

Cemiess Imperial Society

Dimoco State Organisation

Values Party of LFT 820

Bureau of LFT 820 Constitution Party

Civil wars involve conflict between minor factions in the same system over ownership of major assets such as starports. During civil wars, only combat missions and activities help bring the conflict to a resolution. Security, development level and standard of living indicators all drop for the duration of the civil war.

Here are 10 of the 2,447 minor factions at war:

United Ndandjimbo Progressive Party

Drug Empire of Wallangu

League of Amemait

Chingaa Energy Solutions

5 Gamma Equulei Life Exchange

Jakuta Empire Assembly

HIP 104504 Imperial Society

Friends of Choerini

Chicchang Crimson Federal Dev

Anayali Crimson United Corp.

Wars occur when a minor faction invades another star system. For the duration of the conflict, wealth, security and standard of living are all severely impacted. Combat missions and activities determine who wins the war. If no winner emerges, the war ends in a ceasefire.

* Data is correct at time of publishing.