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The Alliance Supports Five a Day in Diso!

11 MAY 3301

On Friday the Green Party of Diso announced their plans to rejuvenate the failing financial fortunes of Birmingham. The news was well received by independent traders from across the galaxy, many of whom immediately made their way to Diso to help ship Machinery for the Green Party of Diso.

In total 5187 Commanders signed up to assist with the rejuvenation project, and together they managed to deliver a staggering 15,010,547 tonnes of Machinery to Diso over the course of just 65 hours. In particular, the Green Party of Diso would like to thank Broker Mrozak, Broker HawX, Tycoon Ace Rimzy, Tycoon Thalios Abraxas and Broker Del Boy for their outstanding efforts to stimulate Birmingham’s economy.

As promised, an increased supply of Diso Ma Corn has now been released to the markets aboard Shifnalport. It is hoped that the extra corn supply will not only help to rejuvenate Diso’s economy, but that it will also help to encourage economic growth throughout the entire Old World sector.

The Doom That Comes To Quivira

11 MAY 3301

For the last week Civil War has ravaged the independent nation of Quivira.

Quivira Electronics Plc, acting under orders of Senator Denton Patreus, launched an all out attack on the People’s Quivira for Equality Party, leading to fierce fighting between the two parties in the skies above Godel and Stapledon Docks.

The People’s Quivira for Equality Party managed to successfully evacuate millions of refugees to the nearby systems of Summerland and Persephone. In particular, the People’s Quivira for Equality Party would like to thank Commanders Maclolie, Tavok, Reliant, Morningstar and Aydro for holding the line long enough for the innocent residents of Quivira to escape.

Unfortunately for those left behind, it appears that Senator Patreus is not quite done with Quivira. Reports from the region indicate that several Imperial Majestic class Interdictors have been spotted entering Quivira’s airspace. According to sources close to the situation, Senator Patreus now intends to make an example of the defiant nation of Quivira by driving all Independent influences out of the system.