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The Didiomanja Emperor’s Grace Academy Inauguration

06 JUL 3304

The Didiomanja Emperor’s Grace has completed work on the Tiverion Academy, a flight school for Imperial naval cadets. The organisation is hosting an inaugural banquet to mark the event, and to honour the late Admiral Mira Tiverion, the organisation’s founding member, who will have a monument erected at the site.

A spokesperson for the Didiomanja Emperor’s Grace released the following statement:

“The Tiverion Academy will provide new recruits with cutting-edge training facilities. To host a fitting banquet for its inauguration, we require help in sourcing a range of exotic food and drink. We also require a quantity of gold to make the monument raised in the Admiral’s memory a truly spectacular tribute.”

The campaign begins on the 5th of July 3304 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

Colonia Campaign Concludes

06 JUL 3304

The campaign to supply a scientific project in Colonia has now concluded and construction of a resource management centre has begun. Hundreds of independent pilots made the journey to deliver commodities to Tir Technology Services in the Tir system.

Professor Alexei de la Vega, in charge of the research project, made this statement:

“With the construction of a research centre we will be able to monitor population spikes and manage resource allocation throughout the region.”

Pilots who contributed to the project can now collect their rewards from Bolden’s Enterprise in the Tir system.

Starport Status Update

06 JUL 3304

This report presents the latest data on starports experiencing technical issues as a result of Thargoid Sensor related interference.

The following starports are currently closed:

Arend Dock, HIP 17838

Gehry Gateway, Checha

Gentle Survey, Jolagro

Gordon City, Anagori

Meanwhile, the following starports are on the brink of closure:

Hurston Platform, Yamahun

Malthus Terminal, Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-41

Neumann Camp, Shinrarta Dezhra

Mitchell Ring, Carnoeck

De Lay Survey, Ahemaker

Kube-McDowell Enterprise, Kakas

Norgay Hub, Obambori

A Thargoid Fifth Column?

06 JUL 3304

Amid growing public mistrust of a fringe sect that worships the Thargoids, a report suggests that the group’s members may be undercover Thargoid agents.

Independent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse shared his theories via the Rewired news feed:

“I’m sure you’re all just as creeped out as I am by those hooded monks and their stinking hive-chapels. Granted, being creepy isn’t a crime, and I’m as live-and-let-live as the next man. But isn’t it strange that this cult is rising just as the Thargoids return in force?”

“The idea of humans working on behalf of aliens might sound crazy, but think about it. All those escape pods captured by Thargoid ships…what did they want them for? After a bit of brainwashing, they’d make perfect spies, sent back to infiltrate humanity using this religion as a cover.”

“What scares me is that these freaks don’t communicate. They just lurk in the dark, waiting. Why are they so mysterious? What’s going on in those chapels? For all we know, they’re seeding our planets with barnacles and eggs, right under our noses.”

Leading exotheologian Dr Alfred Ulyanov responded with this comment:

“I can categorically answer one point: the reason the Far God worshippers are not interested in communicating is that, from their point of view, we will all be dead soon. As for the rest of this speculation, nothing in my studies has caused me to suspect this group to be a threat, despite its unsettling beliefs.”

Major Victories against the League of Reparation

06 JUL 3304

A series of successful operations against the League of Reparation has led to much of the terrorist group being dismantled.

Captain Niamh Seutonia, a member of the tri-superpower taskforce investigating the League, released this statement:

“Over the last few days, Senior Agent Ramirez and I have led multiple raids against the League of Reparation. We interdicted several of their ships and located many outposts concealed within Imperial and Federal systems. The key to these victories was the decryption of their communications network.”

“Despite meeting fierce resistance, our security forces arrested or eliminated dozens of League members. In some cases, we acted just in time to prevent further murderous acts against those descended from members of the INRA.”

“We believe the League has been dealt a fatal blow, but we are still investigating how they gained access to top-level comms encryption and other restricted equipment, which suggests support from influential individuals. Furthermore, we have yet to identify Nexus, the organisation’s coordinator. We have many fresh leads, however, and expect further results soon.”

Milo Vesper, an editor for The Alliance Tribune, published this opinion piece:

“This may be great news for some, but what about our citizens? The taskforce should be hunting down these animals in the Alliance! We know they’re here, what with Admiral Buchanan at Lave and the trap they set for Chief Inspector Kilbride, whose bravery we will never forget. Why isn’t her replacement out there on raids too?”

Deputy Inspector Klatt was unavailable for comment.