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Celebrations in Sol for Federal Election

05 OCT 3309

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

A series of public events to celebrate the forthcoming presidential election are being held in the Sol system.

Congress approved a request by President Zachary Hudson to finance a range of festivities, concerts and shows across the home system of the Federation.

Billions of people are expected to attend, leading to a request for supplies of Crystalline Spheres, Gerasian Gueuze Beer, Indi Bourbon, LTT Hyper Sweet and Pantaa Prayer Sticks to be delivered to Li Qing Jao starport in orbit over planet Earth. Congress also agreed to authorise a temporary two-week permit for all Pilots’ Federation members to access the Sol system.

President Hudson announced the events across all Federal news channels, where he said:

“Now we approach the time, as determined centuries ago by the Federal Accord, of our civilisation’s most profound tradition: the peaceful transfer of power. I have been deeply honoured to serve as your president for the past eight years. And you, the people of the galaxy’s largest ever democracy, deserve to celebrate all that we have accomplished together.”

Vox Galactica’s political journalist Conrad Sterling observed:

“This is clearly a high-profile attempt to boost public morale, one that allows President Hudson to leave office on a positive note. Political critics are viewing it as a way to distract the citizens from the prolonged Thargoid war, the recent Rackham scandal, and various other challenges besetting the Federation. But the eagerness of most citizens to embrace the sentiment proves one fact remains true: everyone loves a party.”

Voting will open next Thursday for Federal citizens to choose either Vice President Jerome Archer or Shadow President Felicia Winters as their next president. The election winner will be announced at the start of the following week.

Aegis Produces Sub-Surface Extraction Missiles

05 OCT 3309

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Rescue megaships now stock Aegis’s modified mining tool, designed to extract bio-storage capsules from Thargoid Titans.

The sub-surface extraction missiles went into rapid production following a delivery initiative in the Senlu system. Aegis has confirmed that pilots who transported CMM composites, neofabric insulation and osmium to Springer Gateway can now collect their rewards. Bounty vouchers for all wanted ships destroyed during the past week will also be redeemed at the same location.

Aden Tanner discussed tactics for using the new module:

“These specialised devices are designed to be used alongside the pulse wave xeno scanner, which can now pinpoint human life signs beneath the hull of a Titan. If accurately targeted, an extraction missile should penetrate far enough into the outer hull to jettison the pod-like structures containing captives. Assuming the extraction is successful, these capsules can then be taken onboard via cargo scoop.”

“All pilots who achieve this should deliver recovered capsules to the nearest search and rescue contact. Aegis has provided instructions to medical and military teams standing by at these locations. These personnel will place capsules into high-security quarantine before attempting to revive the occupants.”

“Once again, I remind pilots to outfit their ships to deal with the Maelstroms’ caustic effects, defensive barriers and Thargoid patrols. Deploying the extraction missiles might also trigger counterattacks from the Titans themselves. These are perhaps the most dangerous rescue missions ever attempted. But I am confident that we can bring many of our people home.”

The first wave of ships equipped with sub-surface extraction missiles are already making their initial forays into the Maelstroms.