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The Fastest Pilot in the Galaxy

19 FEB 3301

This is Casey Murrow and today I'm talking exclusively with Commander Samwell Drakhyr, winner of this year’s big race, the St. Valentine Day Regatta. So just how did you manage to win it all Sam?

"A bad pilot is controlled by their ship. They are surprised all the time, because their mind is in harmony with neither ship nor surroundings. A good pilot controls their ship. They are surprised only half the time, because they know the limits of their ship so well that it is becomes part of them, directed by the pilot's will without conscious effort, like a limb."

"I strive to go beyond that. I scout my route until I own it. I make it part of me. I do my thinking in advance so when I fly on the day there is no mind, no ship, no pilot that exists as separate entities. My hands move, yet in a way it feels like they are steady, inevitable, and it is instead the universe itself that is moving."

Excellent and inspiring advice there from Commander Drakhyr, champion of the 37th almost annual St. Valentine Day Regatta.

The Long Trip Home

19 FEB 3301

After a week of wandering in HIP 110620 the Jaques Starport is now making its way through HIP 110079. GalNet is still no closer to learning the reason behind the station's unexpected return, nor can we ascertain where the cyborg barman's ultimate destination may be.

A number of well known commanders from all walks of life have been seen coming in and out of Jaques, which is fast becoming a popular nightspot among young thrillseekers from the Empire, Federation and Alliance alike.

Now that his self-imposed exile has finally come to an end, Jaques appears content to simply wander the stars in the company of a people he once called his own, accompanied by the booming sound of a dark electric beat.