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Galactic News: People’s Rakapila Progressive Party Campaign Concludes

07 JUL 3303

A spokesperson for the People’s Rakapila Progressive Party has announced that its appeal for commodities has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community. Hundreds of pilots contributed to the campaign by delivering domestic appliances, consumer technology and clothing to Stone Enterprise in Rakapila, and by eliminating agitators in the system so traders could deliver commodities in safety.

The organisation has thanked those who supported the campaign. Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Stone Enterprise in the Rakapila system.

Galactic News: Pilots Federation Initiative Concludes

07 JUL 3303

The Pilots Federation has announced that its campaign to clear the LHS 3447, Eravate and Asellus Primus systems of agitators has been a success. Hundreds of combat pilots responded to the appeal, taking to their ships to eliminate the criminals operating in the systems.

The purpose of the initiative was to secure the systems for inexperienced pilots, many of whom start their careers there. As the campaign drew to a close, authorities in the pertinent systems reiterated their hope that the success of the initiative would allow peacekeeping forces to maintain lasting peace.

Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Cleve Hub in the Erevate system, Beagle 2 Landing in the Asellus Primus system or Dalton Gateway in the LHS 3447 system.

Community Goal: New Federal Outpost

07 JUL 3303

The Federation has announced plans to construct a new survey outpost in the HIP 17692 system. Federal sources have confirmed that the outpost is designed to give the Federation a vantage point, close to the Pleiades, from which to monitor Thargoid activity.

A Federal spokesperson gave the following statement:

“To date, Thargoid vessels have been encountered in the Maia system and around the Pleiades Nebula, so we feel it is important to have a reconnaissance outpost as close to this region as possible.”

The Federation, in coordination with the Pleiades Resource Enterprise, has placed an open order for power generators, geological equipment and meta-alloys for use in the campaign, and has promised to reward pilots who deliver these commodities to Blackmount Orbital in the HIP 17692 system. The Pleiades Resource Enterprise has also placed a kill order on all ships on its wanted list, to ensure that those delivering material to Blackmount Orbital can do so safely.

The campaign begins on the 6th of July 3303 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

Galactic News: New Superpower Bases in the Pleiades

07 JUL 3303

Last month, the Empire and the Federation launched initiatives to bolster their presences in the Pleiades star cluster. Following the successful conclusion of both campaigns, the superpowers set to work on their respective construction projects. These projects have now come to an end.

In the HR 1185 system, Imperial Senator Zemina Torval presided over the maiden voyage of the Indra, a massive Wells-class Carrier. She concluded the launch with a brief statement, saying “Space is by nature hostile. The Indra will make this particular system less so.”

Meanwhile, the Federation announced the completion of Blackmount Orbital, an asteroid base sited among the rings of HIP 17692 A4 in the HIP 17692 system. A Federal spokesperson confirmed the outpost would offer a wide range of services to independent pilots.

Galactic News: Weekly Democracy Report

07 JUL 3303

This report presents the latest data on democratic activity among the galaxy’s minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to hold elections:

Laedla and Co

GCRV 4654 State Interstellar

Coquim Industry

Siluruba Purple Transport Ltd

39 Tauri Interstellar

Labour of Geras

Alioth Pro-Alliance Group

Co-operative of HIP 49102

Green Party of Dulos

Gitxsan Limited

Elections occur when two minor factions with a similar political structure resolve a conflict over ownership and influence within a system.