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Report from HIP 22460: ‘Salvation is Dead’

25 AUG 3308

It has been confirmed that Salvation, figurehead of Azimuth Biotech and creator of the Proteus Wave, was killed on board the Bright Sentinel.

A segment of a transmission by an independent rescue team within HIP 22460 was shared with Vox Galactica by an anonymous source. The team was reporting back to the Musashi megaship, which has now returned to the T Tauri system.

“Captain Qadir, this is Drummond. You’re not paying us well enough to be in this hellhole. There are Thargoids everywhere we turn. But we’ve found out what you wanted to know. It’s not good news.”

“We finally managed to get close to the wreck of the Bright Sentinel, near where the bridge used to be. Bodies were drifting among the twisted metal, but fewer than we expected. We identified some of the command crew, including Commodore Halloran. But even before we got a positive ID scan, I recognised Dr Wycherley immediately. Nobody else could possibly look so old.”

“He was still in his command chair, surrounded by shattered fragments of cybernetic implants, his portable medical sensors dormant. Despite his shredded and broken body, his eyes were frozen open. I reached out to close them, but a Thargoid interceptor suddenly warped in and we had to race back to our ship.”

“I’m uploading all our data now, but I’m sorry to report that our primary target was not recoverable. Salvation is dead.”

Azimuth Biotech has confirmed that it employed freelance specialists to locate any surviving personnel from the Proteus Wave project, and that their findings were believed to be accurate. No further statement has yet been made.

Megaship Materials Boost Alliance Defence Force

25 AUG 3308

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Sirius Corporation has gathered resources in the Leesti system to help improve the Alliance’s anti-xeno defences.

The campaign’s conclusion was announced by Captain Delfina Dominguez, commanding officer of the Chariot of Rhea megaship:

“Many pilots docked with us over the past week to deliver shipments of energy grid assemblies, magnetic emitter coils, power transfer buses and titanium. On behalf of Sirius Corporation and the Allied Defence Force, I thank you for such encouraging support.”

“I am informed that these will be sufficient to outfit 2 sentry megaships, each armed with experimental AX weaponry. These will be placed in key systems across the Alliance, ready to respond to potential Thargoid incursions.”

“Admiral Glass has outlined his long-term plans to senior officers in the Sirius Navy. It’s clear that these are exciting times for the Alliance Defence Force. If the Thargoids come, we will be better prepared to repel them.”

The Council of Admirals has stated that the new megaships are expected to become operational by September 15th.

Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect payment from the Chariot of Rhea in the Leesti system.