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Freelance Report: Game of Shadows

15 MAR 3302

Various media outlets throughout inhabited space received an anonymous communiqué this morning. "The galactic community is in peril," the message began. "They just don't know it yet."

The transmission asserts a connection between Core Dynamics, the destruction of the Antares and Starship One, the Emperor's Dawn insurgency, and setbacks in Unknown Artefact research. It also claims that the deaths of Federal Vice-President Nigel Smeaton, Sean Richards, Arnold Lowe, Susan Monroe, Elaine Boyd, Emperor Hengist Duval and the disappearances of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey and Professor Ishmael Palin are similarly connected.

The message concluded: "Many of those who have tried to connect these seemingly disparate events have been silenced, along with their sources. That is why I have chosen to remain anonymous. So far, only pawns have been revealed in this shadowy game. We must discover the king."

Neither the Federation nor the Empire has chosen to comment on the transmission.

Commander Corrigendum

Galactic News: Breakthrough in the Fight against Technological Plague

15 MAR 3302

When Professor Ishmael Palin and his team disappeared en route to Maia b1ba, research into meta-alloys was brought to a near standstill, with only the Canonn Interstellar Research Group continuing to investigate the mysterious material. But recent reports indicate that research has continued in Professor Palin's absence under the helm of Lea Tantaga, a molecular chemist based at Obsidian Orbital.

"We've known for a while that the ongoing technical issues are the result of molecular interference from the Unknown Artefacts," said Tantaga. "What we now know is that meta-alloys can be used to neutralise this interference. In their raw form, the meta-alloys aren't all that effective. And the process of using them to create materials that can counter the artefacts' dangerous self-repair mechanism hasn't yet been perfected. But we're definitely on the right path."

In response to this development, authorities at starports affected by the technological plague have opened their markets to the sale of meta-alloys, no doubt hoping to receive further quantities of the much-needed material and return their outposts to normality. But the harvesting of meta-alloys continues to prove controversial, with some opining that the so-called 'barnacles' from which the materials are derived – and which are destroyed in the harvesting process – should be protected.

Freelance Report: Canonn Scientist Observes Firefly Fandango

15 MAR 3302

Verity Gavroche, official correspondent for the Canonn Interstellar Research Group, has spoken to Dr Arcanonn about an exciting new discovery:

"Over the weekend I was contacted by a Commander Engalo, who told me he'd observed an interaction between the Unknown Artefacts and the barnacle 'flowers' – the source of the meta-alloys."

"Both the barnacles and the artefacts have features we've nicknamed 'fireflies' – bright specks of light that appear to move of their own volition. Engalo has observed that if you place an artefact near a barnacle, their respective fireflies start flying around together. This continues until the UA is removed."

"I can't thank Commander Engalo enough for bringing this to my attention. With the new lab the community is helping us build, we'll soon be able to observe this behaviour under controlled conditions."

Commander Lord Zoltan

Freelance Report: Federal Investigation into Farragut Mystery

15 MAR 3302

An official inquiry from the Congressional Oversight Committee has been launched after reports surfaced of a pirate-aligned Farragut Battle Cruiser striking out at Federation battle groups in the LHS 3447, Fuleum and HIP 16996 systems. The inquiry will also investigate unconfirmed reports of a rogue battle cruiser outside Federation space in the Maia system.

Speaking under condition of anonymity, a source within the closed-door hearing said: "The scans said it was a Farragut and the Navy said it was a Farragut, but it's not one of ours and it had no clear identification code."

Commander Tyrit Shadowstalker

Galactic News: Weekly Security Digest

15 MAR 3302

In this weekly report, the latest GalNet data is assembled to present ten minor factions experiencing civil unrest or lockdown in their systems.

Here are 10 of the 584 minor factions in lockdown:

Beetrix Free

Traditional Snoqui Xian Autocracy

Ross 680 Coalition

Apishna Guardians of Tradition

Mangwe Nationals

Fotla Guardians of Tradition

Earls of Adan

Dominion of Mahimata

Fomovithi Corp.

G 180-18 Resistance

Lockdowns increase the security rating for a system but also have a negative effect on the system's wealth. Increased bounty hunting activity can shorten the lockdown period.

Here are 10 of the 598 minor factions experiencing civil unrest:

Social Chandra for Equality

Thotigue Limited

Social Ba Bhuti Coalition

Timocan Prison Colony

Workers of Exbeur Democrats

Abazi aristocrats

United Ugric Coalition

Arabrigur Emperor's Grace

HR 1014 Patron's Principles

Mahin Partners

Civil unrest is caused by illegal activity within the system as well completing contracts from more nefarious sources. The wealth rating and standard of living will suffer when a system contains civil unrest. Combat missions and activities can be utilised to end civil unrest.

Data is correct at time of publishing.