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Alliance-Sirius Military Pact to be Decided

16 JUN 3308

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The Di Jian system is hosting competing campaigns as the Alliance Assembly votes on the strategic defence pact.

The Assembly is evenly split over formalising military ties with Sirius Corporation to enhance defensive options against the Thargoids, with a decision expected at the end of June. In advance of the vote, both pro-pact and anti-Sirius councillors are attempting to sway colleagues to their cause by securing a sizeable resource package for the Alliance Defence Force.

Pro-pact councillors have established their initiative in Di Jian from the Sirius megaship Kumiho Sky, and are asking for shipments of computer components, reinforced mounting plates and synthetic reagents. These councillors have heavily promoted the need for enhanced fleet support in the face of increasing Thargoid activity. Noted engineer Marco Qwent recently confirmed his support for an Allied anti-xeno pact with Sirius.

The anti-Sirius lobby has requested deliveries of the same commodities to Preuss Terminal in the Di Jian system. The system’s controlling faction, Sol’s Salutis Aeternum, is overseeing contributions. Engineers Uma Laszlo and Bill Turner have both expressed a hope that the anti-xeno pact with Sirius is denied.

To encourage support from pilots, each campaign is offering extra incentives. The majority of contributors to the Kumiho Sky campaign will receive a pre-engineered high capacity AX fixed missile launcher, among other rewards, courtesy of Sirius Corporation.

Sol’s Salutis Aeternum is instead offering a stock Alliance Chieftain to a limited number of Preuss Terminal campaign contributors. Other rewards are available for contributors outside this number.

Xenological Project Receives Thargoid Artefacts

16 JUN 3308

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

A range of alien objects have been delivered to the Arque system for Professor Ishmael Palin’s study of the Thargoids.

The conclusion of the project was announced by Professor Palin:

“I am highly impressed with the number of Thargoid probes, resin and sensors that were delivered to Abel Laboratory. Collecting and transporting these items can be a hazardous task, so I deeply appreciate the effort made by pilots to obtain them.”

“It is becoming increasingly urgent to improve our understanding of the Thargoids’ biomechanical technology. There is no sign that hostilities are about to end, so the need to produce defences has become paramount. Only through ensuring our research focuses on up-to-date samples can we be sure that we are working as efficiently as possible.”

Contributors can now collect their rewards from Baird Gateway in the Arque system. This includes Grade 5 engineered Heavy Duty Hull Reinforcement Packages for eligible contributors.