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Freelance Report: Buckyball Spring Break Controversy

11 MAR 3302

Accusations of reckless endangerment have been levelled at the Buckyball Racing Club regarding its upcoming Spring Break chauffeurs event. Commander Seneh, the event organiser, had this to say:

"This event is a community outreach programme. There will be no 'first place' or prizes. While it is true that the club will give performance scores to participating pilots, those scores will be based on the happiness and safety of the escorted students, not on distance travelled or speed."

She continued: "All participants are Pilots Federation members, but some are still provisional, myself included! We appreciate that having a documented safety rating from a Grant Academics sanctioned event will help our careers, so we intend to respect our passengers and fly with the utmost care."

Veteran Buckyball pilots will escort students from the Exigus campus of Grant Academics to the biggest tourism hotspots in the region between the 18th and 26th of March.

Commander Jak

Buckyball Racing Club

Galactic News: Weekly Conflict Report

11 MAR 3302

This weekly transmission lists some of the systems currently in conflict around the galaxy, based on the latest data.

Here are 10 of the 15,331 minor factions involved in a civil war:

HIP 25359 Democrats

HIP 25359 Universal Company

Luan Yun Di Holdings

Luan Yun Di Dominion

Dugnatlehi United Inc

People's Dugnatlehi Resistance

Rudranbarii Jet Major Int

Rudranbarii Jet Raiders

Independents of Koleti

Koleti Purple Dynamic Co

Civil wars involve conflict between minor factions in the same system over ownership of major assets such as starports. During civil wars, only combat missions and activities help bring the conflict to a resolution. Security, development level and standard of living indicators all drop for the duration of the civil war.

Here are 10 of the 6,805 minor factions at war:

New Nyikamana Defence Force

Beledos Partners

Workers of Nyani Confederacy

Gommatchal Silver Brotherhood

New Uchagan Coalition

Leaders of HIP 105629

Laumas Major Industry

40 Ceti Power Co

Shenich Imperial Society

LFT 1667 Gold Cartel

Wars occur when a minor faction invades another star system. For the duration of the conflict, wealth, security and standard of living are all severely impacted. Combat missions and activities determine who wins the war. If no winner emerges, the war ends in a ceasefire.

Data is correct at time of publishing.