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Community Goal: Develop the Economy of Okinura

11 FEB 3302

Following recent reports that the Earth Defence Fleet, a Federation-aligned faction, had assumed control of the Okinura system, the organisation has announced plans to develop the system's economy. In a statement, a spokesperson for the organisation said:

"Okinura has been marked for development due to its strategically significant position between the systems of Federal President Zachary Hudson and Shadow President Felicia Winters. By transforming Okinura into a high-tech system we hope to create a valuable trading hub and give a boost to the wider Federal economy."

In support of this goal, the Earth Defence Fleet has devised a two-pronged strategy, placing an open order for polymers with which to upgrade Fisher Terminal, and setting aside privateer bonds for combat pilots who help to eliminate agitators operating in Okinura.

The initiative begins today and will run for one week.

Galactic News: Appeal for Osmium Successful

11 FEB 3302

The LHS 2936 Alliance Combine has announced that its recent campaign for osmium has been a success. According to a company spokesperson, the osmium will be used to create specialist alloys with which to improve the organisation's manufacturing facilities, thereby helping the company regain its competitive edge. In a statement, the company's spokesperson thanked those who had responded to the request:

"We would like to extend our gratitude to all the pilots who contributed to this campaign by delivering osmium to our base of operations at Fraser Orbital. The process of manufacturing the specialist alloys needed to improve our manufacturing facilities has now begun. A new era of profitability for the LHS 2936 Alliance Combine lies ahead."

Freelance Report: Diamond Frogs Bring Hope to LFT 37

11 FEB 3302

An initiative by the Paladin Consortium to deliver water purifiers to recently liberated imperial slaves in LFT 37 has been declared a rousing success, due in part to the actions of the Diamond Frogs private security firm.

Diamond Frog pilots were hired by the Paladin Consortium to run interference within the system, preventing opportunistic raiders from picking off the cargo vessels making deliveries to Onnes Gateway.

Though there were a few close scrapes, Commander Kermit Laphroaig praised the tenacity of his fellow mercenaries, and reported that despite the overwhelming hostility of the operational area none of his pilots lost their cool in the face of adversity.

'Disc' Commander Felix Dyson - Radio Skvortsov

Galactic News: Former Slaves Receive Aid

11 FEB 3302

The Paladin Consortium has announced that its recent appeal for water purifiers has been met with a positive response. The initiative was launched after the group freed the Imperial slaves of LFT 37, only to discover that the newly liberated slaves would not legally be able to obtain employment or housing for several weeks. With a potential humanitarian crisis looming, the Paladin Consortium turned to the galactic community for help, asking for deliveries of water purifiers to ensure the former slaves would have access to basic sanitation.

Following the success of the initiative, authorities in the LFT 37 system released a statement to the media:

"We are immensely grateful to all those who contributed to this campaign. The former slaves at Onnes Gateway will now be able to enjoy a basic standard of living while they wait for the Empire to formally terminate their indenture contracts. Our thanks also go to the Paladin Consortium, which spearheaded this operation."

Galactic News: Focus on Democracy

11 FEB 3302

This weekly roundup highlights some of the minor factions pursuing the dream of democratic freedom by holding elections.

Here are 10 of the 2,971 minor factions holding elections:

Ba Njok Netcoms Commodities

Green Party of LHS 3549

New BD+23 3151 Revolutionary Party

BD-01 3500 Electronics Services

Juma Republic Party

Alliance of Tiano

Asgaa Galactic Industries

Baadaga Purple Life Co

LTT 11958 Freedom Party

People's Procyon Values Party

Elections occur when two minor factions of a similar political structure resolve a conflict over ownership and influence within a system.

Data is correct at time of publishing.