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Conflict in Drevlyada Resolved

28 FEB 3305

The battle in the Drevlyada system, which sprang from a long-running rivalry between two military leaders, has now ended.

Warzone reporter Karleen Troy summarised:

“The antagonistic relationship between General Kendrick and Marshal Cooper was finally resolved when both were executed by their own lieutenants, who were displeased with the huge loss of life resulting from their leaders’ quarrel.”

“Both the Namab Purple Brothers and the Drevlyada League have agreed to honour commitments to members of the galactic community who fought on each side.”

Independent pilots who took part in the conflict can now collect their rewards from the Drevlyada system. Supporters of Namab Purple Brothers should head to Wheeler Dock, while supporters of the Drevlyada League should travel to Grandin Port.

Macrosphere Initiative

28 FEB 3305

Technology company Macrosphere is developing a specialised scanning device to detect illicit interference with personal robots.

Macrosphere CEO Taniyah Sharpe provided the details:

“The recent Mars Tribune scandal proved that the illegal reprogramming of robots is a genuine concern. Our Mech Scanner will allow robot owners to discover if their trusted servants have been compromised.”

“A components drive is being organised by our partners, DS Leonis Industries. As well as shipments of micro controllers, auto fabricators and aluminium, we also require newly mined jewels, to channel the micro-lasers used by the Mech Scanner to detect interference. Deliveries should be made to Grandin Terminal in the DS Leonis system.”

The initiative begins on the 28th of February 3305 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.