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Silver United Succeed at Securing Zaonce

05 MAY 3301

After months of being terrorised by malicious criminals intent on turning the Old Worlds into some kind of ‘New Caribbean’, residents of the Lave cluster finally banded together this past weekend to crack down on the lawless scum that had been pillaging and plundering their way across the sector.

Inspired by the recent help freely given to the people of Reorte by the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, Silver United Solutions decided to offer a set of substantial rewards to any pilot brave enough to help remove the criminals known as the Jet Gang from Zaonce.

The initiative was an overwhelming success. 5,535 pilots were temporarily deputised during the course of the weekend, leading to the Zaonce Jet Gang (and many other local pirate crews) being crushed by the raw power of the makeshift fleet.

To celebrate their success, Silver United Solutions has organised a special discount on all Faulcon DeLacy ships being sold from Ridley Scott Station, Zaonce. A limited number of Pythons have been made available for the duration of the sale.

Eyes on Quivira

05 MAY 3301

Turmoil hit the small system of Quivira late last week, as thousands of Imperial pilots descended to deliver the wrath of Senator Denton Patreus on his debtors. In the first two days of the war, tens of thousands of Independent pilots lost their lives while bravely attempting to hold off Imperial forces from taking Godel Dock.

Despite the defenders’ best efforts, Imperial ground troops were able to storm the station, seizing control of Quivira’s defence systems and effectively bringing an end to the conflict during the early hours of Sunday morning.

In the face of overwhelming loss, the People’s Quivira for Equality Party were forced to retreat to Brendan Gateway to lick their wounds. Once the people’s party leadership had successfully regrouped, they launched a counterattack in an attempt to retake Godel Dock. With the help of hundreds of Independent and Federal pilots, the People’s Quivira for Equality Party and the Nationalists of Quivira were successful in forcing Quivira Electronics Plc to retreat back to Stapledon Dock.

War has once again engulfed Quivira. No quarter is being offered, and none is expected. For troops on the ground, the only acceptable outcome is overwhelming victory or a quick and painless death.

Commanders willing to fight to defend Quivira from the Imperial invasion should sign up for active duty aboard Godel Dock.

Commanders wishing to profit from the subjugation of Quivira by Imperial forces should sign up for active duty aboard Stapledon Dock.