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Imperial Internal Security Service Requests Exploration Data

28 AUG 3301

Imperial Internal Security Service Requests Exploration Data

In an unprecedented move, the Imperial Internal Security Service – the organisation responsible for domestic security throughout the Empire – has issued an open contract for exploration data. Agent Cope of the IISS made the following statement:

“The Imperial Internal Security Service is conducting a comprehensive revision of its information networks, and is therefore in need of as much fresh data as possible. The more information we have, the more accurate we can make our database. We thank the community in advance for their cooperation with this effort.”

The request was preceded by rumours that the organisation was actively gathering information about the group known as Emperor’s Dawn. When asked about the rumours, Agent Cope said:

“I can assure you that any allegations concerning interest in specific individuals or groups are entirely groundless. The IISS has a remit to analyse any available data for useful intelligence, and the exploration data we have requested will be subjected to this analysis. That does not mean, however, that this operation has been designed to gather information about Emperor’s Dawn.”

This refutation was somewhat undermined, however, by an article published this morning in the Imperial Citizen. In the article, the Citizen claimed to have intercepted an IISS communiqué in which Emperor’s Dawn was specifically mentioned:

“Our recommendation concerning Emperor’s Dawn is to gather fresh astrological data, and to filter it for information about the group’s movements and bases of operation. Our belief is that the organisation has no more than half a dozen bases within inhabited space, but it would nevertheless be advisable to accumulate accurate data.”

The request is being managed by the Cemiess Empire Party on behalf of the IISS. Independent pilots interested in participating should deliver exploration data to Mackenzie Relay in the Cemiess system.

Antares Incident Links to VP’s Death?

28 AUG 3301

Antares Incident Links to VP’s Death?

The case of reporter Elaine Boyd took an unexpected turn today as several respected newsfeeds, including the Federal Times, received encrypted data packages. It is claimed that these were automatically sent by Elaine Boyd from a public storage server with instructions to be delivered if newsfeeds reported her death.

The data apparently reveals a connection between the death earlier in the year of Vice President Nigel Smeaton and the Antares Incident. His death was officially declared an accident, although many at the time suspected foul play. Those suspicions are likely to rise again with the revelation that he was related to one of the crew aboard the Highliner Antares when it disappeared on its maiden flight 50 years ago.

Elaine Boyd discovered details of a private ‘off the books’ investigation by the Vice President into the incident and that he suspected it was caused by sabotage, rather than drive component failure. He had already spoken to a number of now quite senior officers involved in the original enquiry. Elaine Boyd’s information implied that he may have been killed to stop his investigation.

In a statement, the chief editor of the Federal Times said:

“We hope that amongst the information Elaine has provided there is evidence to prove her innocence in the crimes she was implicated in. We are continuing to examine the data in detail.”

GalNet Weekly Conflict Report

28 AUG 3301

GalNet Weekly Conflict Report

This weekly transmission lists some of the systems currently in conflict around the galaxy, based on the latest data (*).

Here are 10 of the 13,342 minor factions involved in a civil war:

Masters of Wolf 906

LP 811-17 Corporation

Yawa Empire Party

Natural LP 811-17 Conservatives

NLTT 13249 Limited

HIP 20480 Coordinated

HIP 20480 Universal Incorporated

Allied Wu Kich Dominion

Progressive Party of Wu Kich

Ernutet United Co

Civil wars involve conflict between minor factions in the same system over ownership of major assets such as starports. During civil wars, only combat missions and activities help bring the conflict to a resolution. Security, development level and standard of living indicators all drop for the duration of the civil war.

Here are 10 of the 2,443 minor factions at war:

Family of HIP 94863

Independent Gladyangar Revolutionary Party

Crew of Gamamonga

Amahutii Gold Dragons

Purungurawn Purple Society

Haolin Ti Partners

Nik Future

Lodemovoi Advanced Incorporated

Worker's Party of Tamor

G 126-31 Purple Federal Org

Wars occur when a minor faction invades another star system. For the duration of the conflict, wealth, security and standard of living are all severely impacted. Combat missions and activities determine who wins the war. If no winner emerges, the war ends in a ceasefire.

* Data is correct at time of publishing.