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Aisling Supporters Pledge to Legion

06 JUL 3301

Aisling Supporters Pledge to Legion

Independent Commanders in support of the People's Princess Aisling Duval have come together in recent weeks under Commander Andariel in the 'Thirteenth Legion'. One Commander reported:

'I was tired of being interdicted every time I tried to run a crate of medicinal supplies in support of the Angels. I sold my cargo bays, fitted shield banks and upgraded my weapon system. Commander Andariel told me where to fight and how.'

At least some Imperial nobility is supporting the pledge of Commander Andariel and others like him. Count Jeffrey Alexander Ryan of Ugain added, 'So many people want to support, few realise how to do it. Some want to trade, others run cargo specifically for my Princess. Some know how to fight, but until the Thirteenth was formed, few knew how to do it making each laser pulse count'.

The Thirteenth Legion has built its base on Chona.

Open Osmium Contract in Abres

06 JUL 3301

Open Osmium Contract in Abres

The governing authorities for Pangborn Dock in the Abres star system today released an open contract for a staggering quantity of Osmium.

Osmium is a relatively rare transition metal with outstanding hardness and durability properties. It is often used in specialist alloys for starship construction and other heavy industry. While it is uncommon, analysts claim that there is ample supply in circulation for current civilian and military manufacturing requirements. This has led to speculation that a new player may emerge in ship construction or even that a covert build-up of military ships is being prepared.

Dale Torrance, the Business Development Spokesperson for Pangborn Dock, refused to speculate on the rumours:

“Osmium is a material used throughout industry. As the chosen partner in this venture, we are pleased to announce that there will be significant credit bonuses for the successful completion of this contract.”

He then encouraged miners to investigate the contract for more information.

GalNet Weekly Economic Report

06 JUL 3301

GalNet Weekly Economic Report

In this weekly digest the latest GalNet data is compiled to show the economic states for a short list of minor factions and the star systems they inhabit (*).

The following 10 of the 4479 minor factions are currently enjoying an economic boom:

Fong Wang Limited

Ling Deti Blue Dynamic Comms

Values Party of Alano

Canopus Crimson Dragons

Daksakhi Liberals

Gyvatiges Jet Power Industries

Liabeze Legal Organisation

LP 376-62 Collective

New Groombridge 1618 Focus

Zugen Incorporated

When in boom the wealth of the system is increased for the duration and all trade missions have doubled effects on influence. It can also positively increase the minor faction’s influence. Boom can be entered by consistent trade profits and completed trade contracts. Booms tend to last until they run out or some other indicator takes precedence, such as famine.

These 7 minor factions are suffering an economic bust:

HIP 117870 Confederation

Leaders of Kini

Labour of Gali

Devane Patrons of Law

Pachita Crimson Fortune Int

Progressive Party of GD 140

Caeritis Front

The wealth of a system diminishes while in bust and the minor faction’s influence is also lessened. The effect of trade contracts and actions do not contribute to boom while a bust is active. A bust generally has to run its course before ending.

* Data is correct at time of publishing