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Freelance Report: Taking on the Aliens

22 NOV 3302

The Buckyball Racing Club is back with a new race, and this time it's taking on the aliens.

Kick the Alien (and Run like Hell) is a 26-kilometre roundtrip SRV race. The event starts at the Noctrach-Ihazevich Research facility and involves driving to the nearby crash site, 'kicking the alien', and then driving back to the research facility as fast as possible.

A representative for the Buckyball Racing Club said: "All other methods of interaction with the crash sites have failed to get a response – perhaps this will wake them up".

The race starts on Saturday the 26th of November and is expected to last for two weeks. Competitors can make their run at any time during this period, and can run as many times as they like.

Commander Alec Turner

Galactic News: Starport Status Update

22 NOV 3302

This report presents the latest data on starports experiencing technical issues as a result of Unknown-Artefact related interference.

The following starports are currently closed:

Irens Dock, Manite

von Bellingshausen Port, Almar

Haack Gateway, Halbangaay

Gurragchaa Gateway, Warkushanui

Korolyov Hub, Arawere

Rutan Terminal, Scirtoq

Tarelkin Dock, LP 462-19

Liwei Gateway, 63 G. Capricorni

Beltrami's Claim, Wolf 1509

Bondarek Orbital, Munfayl

Akiyama Hub, Shorodo

Chargaff Port, 20 Ophiuchi

Solovyev Port, HIP 8865

Trevithick Dock, LHS 3447

Baudin Landing, Lyncis Sector MC-V b2-1

Wright City, Elli

Obsidian Orbital, Maia

Maia Point, Maia

Finney Dock, Eleu

Onnes Gateway, LFT 37

Tall Enterprise, Ngalia

Maclaurin Vision, Nagii

The following starports continue to experience technical issues:

Carter Port, Rhea

Kooi Gateway, G 190-28

Alexander Freeport, HIP 18843

Bloch Vision, Loperada

Donaldson Retreat, Rajuar

Rutan Terminal, Minanes

Roberts Port, CD-52 9732

Medupe City, Cubeo

Manakov Survey, Aeduci

Noctrach-Ihazevich Research Facility, Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-4

Panshin Port, Heikegani

Spring Gateway, LHS 215

Li Qing Jao, Sol

Cayley Landing, Atroan

Frobac's Hope, Difu

Meanwhile, the following starports are on the brink of closure:

Dogmaa, Wolfberg

Galactic News: Weekly Security Report

22 NOV 3302

This report presents the latest data on the security status of the galaxy's minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to experience a lockdown:

Brotherhood of LP 98-132

Emperor's Will

Rajgonta for Equality

Leaders of LFT 1404

Ovid Defence Force

Sifjar Group

People's Cegreeth Values Party

Lei Mati Blue Allied Commodities

Quince Jet Family

Monarchy of Elbiones

When a faction experiences a lockdown, the security rating of the system it controls temporarily increases and the system's wealth temporarily decreases. Bounty hunting activity can shorten the lockdown period.

Here are the latest factions to experience civil unrest:

Brotherhood of LP 98-132

Wolf 359 Blue Travel Commodities

WISE 0855-0714 Gold Gang

Confederation of LPM 26

Oho Bajo Public Holdings

Segoveduwa Empire Party

Ross 775 for Equality

Xuanduna Silver Allied PLC

Social LP 510-10 Future

Lei Mati Patron's Principles

Civil unrest is the result of illegal activity. When a faction is affected by civil unrest, the standard of living in the system it controls temporarily decreases, as does the system's wealth. Combat missions and activities can bring civil unrest to an end