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Galactic News: Alliance Campaign Concludes

05 JAN 3304

The Alliance has announced that its operation to reclaim the supply lines connecting its California Nebula bases with the core systems has reached a successful conclusion.

The campaign received the support of hundreds of independent pilots, who eliminated the pirates targeting the supply lines and recovered escape pods from ships destroyed by the agitators. Those rescued from the shipwrecks are now recovering at Darwin Research Facility.

As the campaign drew to a close, the Alliance released a statement:

“We are immeasurably grateful to those who participated in this operation – you have saved our allies from a terrible fate.”

“A pertinent question remains unanswered, however. Where did these criminals come from? Alliance intelligence has surmised that they may have been driven out of their home systems by a second group of agitators. If this is the case, this latter group could represent an even greater threat to civilised space.”

Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Darwin Research Facility in the California Sector BV-Y c7 system.

Community Goal: Dionysus Rising

05 JAN 3304

Sirius Inc has announced plans to construct a flight-operations megaship in the 42 n Persei system, which occupies a strategic position on the route to Maia. The vessel, which will be named the Dionysus, will dramatically improve services in 42 n Persei.

Senior Aide Humberto Guthrie, speaking on behalf of Sirius Inc, released the following statement:

“We are disturbed by recent events in the Pleiades and the vulnerability of our systems. If the superpowers cannot protect us, we will protect ourselves.”

In support of this campaign, Sirius Inc has placed an open order for various commodities, and has promised to reward pilots who deliver these goods to Green Enterprise in the Ngalia system. The organisation has also placed a kill order on all ships on its wanted list, to ensure that those delivering commodities to Green Enterprise can do so safely.

The campaign begins on the 4th of January 3304 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.