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Epsilon Indi Hosts Summit Conference

05 NOV 3301

London Relay in the Epsilon Indi system is to host a summit conference focusing on terrorism and galactic security. Representatives from the Empire, the Federation and the Alliance are all expected to attend the three-day event, which begins next week. Topics for discussion are expected to include Emperor's Dawn and the ongoing conflict in the Pegasi Sector.

As preparations for the event begin, Federal authorities have raised concerns about an organisation based at London Relay known as 'Revolution Incorporated'. According to authorities, the group has announced its intention to commemorate the Gunpowder Plot – a historic incident dating from Earth's distant past – with "a special event" due to coincide with the summit. Although the precise nature of the event has not been revealed, authorities are nevertheless uneasy:

"It's entirely possible that the organisation's intentions are benign, but since we know so little about it, and given its publicized intention to commemorate an attack on the state, we are obligated to investigate."

The Federal spokesperson was asked to confirm reports that the group also plans to issue an open contract for explosives, but said only: "we can neither confirm nor deny such reports".

Sirius Corporation Programme Begins Today

05 NOV 3301

Following a recent statement from Sirius Corporation announcing its intention to revitalise several newly acquired star systems, the company has launched an initiative to boost the economy of HIP 8396. At the heart of the initiative is a request for osmium, which Sirius Corp hopes will serve as a fillip for the system's financial rejuvenation. Li Yong-Rui, the CEO of the Sirius Corp., was quoted as saying:

"The people of HIP 8396 are part of the Sirius Corporation family, but if we are to help our compatriots, we will need help ourselves. So I implore all galactic citizens to contribute to this initiative, and bring a new era of peace and prosperity to HIP 8396."

Duelling Narratives in Cayutorme Conflict

05 NOV 3301

The deadline for the inspection and disbandment of the mercenary Cayutorme Syndicate fleet has passed, and Imperial Naval vessels have entered the Cayutorme system. Speaking from an undisclosed location, the leader of the Cayutorme Syndicate, Kyle Kurowski, confirmed that his mercenary armada had engaged the Imperial Fleet, but denied reports that independent pilots were fighting for both sides: "Independent pilots are just that – independent. They will not be the tool the Emperor uses to turn us into Imperial citizens. If they stand for freedom, they stand with us."

The Imperial war chest has been opened for any independent pilots who want to help the Imperial cause. Admiral Lucius Lavigny, the Emperor's second cousin, stated:

"We know that Commanders pledged to the Empire will fight to maintain law and order, and we urge other Commanders to do the same. If these miscreants are permitted to continue with their activities, more systems will suffer."

Commander Quade and Commander Corrigendum

GalNet Focus on Democracy

05 NOV 3301

This weekly roundup highlights some of the minor factions pursuing the dream of democratic freedom by holding elections.

Here are 10 of the 3,324 minor factions holding elections:

Ceronir Exchange

Movement for Kambila Labour

Sun Takush Power PLC

HIP 38422 Legal Co

LHS 5072 Network

CD-34 9020 Purple General Net

Revolutionary Capukanga Progressive Party

Black Birds Consilium

LHS 3437 Coalition

Munshin Allied PLC

Elections occur when two minor factions of a similar political structure resolve a conflict over ownership and influence within a system.

Data is correct at time of publishing.