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Alliance and Sirius Corp Pilots Celebrate Agreement

20 JUL 3301

Alliance and Sirius Corp Pilots Celebrate Agreement

GalNet Weekly Economic Report

20 JUL 3301

GalNet Weekly Economic Report

In this weekly digest the latest GalNet data is compiled to show the economic states for a short list of minor factions and the star systems they inhabit (*).

The following 10 of the 4370 minor factions are currently enjoying an economic boom:

Mombawet Nationalists

Amementi Silver Life Exchange

Allowair Constitution Party

NLTT 21088 Bridge Network

Independents of LFT 37

HIP 15205 Prison Colony

Finteno Free

Workers of Luan Yun Di Green Party

Waq Services

Uzumeru Netcoms Incorporated

When in boom the wealth of the system is increased for the duration and all trade missions have doubled effects on influence. It can also positively increase the minor faction’s influence. Boom can be entered by consistent trade profits and completed trade contracts. Booms tend to last until they run out or some other indicator takes precedence, such as famine.

These 2 minor factions are suffering an economic bust:

Wolf 750 Liberals

Jet Energy Industry

The wealth of a system diminishes while in bust and the minor faction’s influence is also lessened. The effect of trade contracts and actions do not contribute to boom while a bust is active. A bust generally has to run its course before ending.

* Data is correct at time of publishing