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Community Goal: People's Tutumu Confederacy Appeal Concludes

22 DEC 3302

The People's Tutumu Confederacy has released a statement announcing the successful conclusion of its seasonal appeal. Hundreds of pilots responded to the appeal, delivering huge quantities of goods to North Ring in the Tutumu system.

In addition to offering generous premiums for the requested items, the People's Tutumu Confederacy also organised a special prize draw.

Pilots who contributed to the initiative are now free to collect their rewards from North Ring in the Tutumu system.

Community Goals: Alliance to Build New Outpost

22 DEC 3302

Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon has announced plans to construct a planetary outpost in the California Nebula. In a statement, Mahon explained that the new outpost would serve as a centre for xenobiological and astronomical research. He went on to say:

"We have placed an open order for Geological Equipment, Hazardous Environment Suits and Surface Stabilisers for use in the construction of this new outpost, and authorised 160 SOAR to reward pilots who deliver these materials to Tshang City in the Furuhjelm III-674 system."

To ensure those contributing materials can do so safely, 160 SOAR has also placed a kill order on all wanted ships operating in the Furuhjelm III-674 system, and has promised to reward pilots who deliver bounty vouchers to Tshang City.

The campaign begins on the 22nd of December 3302 and will run for two weeks. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

Community Goal: Festive Appeal

22 DEC 3302

Many cultures choose to mark the end of the galactic year with the giving and receiving of gifts, and this year will be no exception. In anticipation of this busy period, luxury goods supplier Santa Muerte Co-operative has placed an open order for personal gifts. The organisation's CEO, Nicolas St Clauss, released the following statement to the media:

"This year we're asking pilots to bring goods from Frost Dock in the Njambalba system to Clauss Port in Santa Muerte. In exchange, we're offering generous financial rewards and special festive prizes for those who make contributions."

The campaign begins on the 22nd of December 3302 and will run for two weeks. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

Galactic News: Wildlife Reserve Campaign Concludes

22 DEC 3302

Media outlets in the LP 339-7 system have reported that the Starship Enterprises Corporation wildlife reserve campaign has reached a successful conclusion.

Hundreds of independent pilots supported the campaign by delivering essential commodities to Whitson Orbital and neutralising agitators in the LP 339-7 system, allowing those contributing commodities to do so safely.

The commodities will be used to establish a wildlife reserve on the planet LP 339-7 4 A, thereby fulfilling the organisation's ambition to transform LP 339-7 into a popular tourist destination.

Dr Lewis Chapman, CEO of Starship Enterprises, released the following statement:

"We are delighted with the response to this campaign. As we speak, hundreds of animals are being grown in special in vitro chambers. Soon they will be transported to the reserve."

Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Whitson Orbital in the LP 339-7 system.

Galactic News: Weekly Democracy Report

22 DEC 3302

This report presents the latest data on democratic activity among the galaxy's minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to hold elections:

Limapa Blue State Commodities

The Pilots Federation

39 Tauri Interstellar

Apoyota Domain

V886 Centauri Future

Independents of Duamta

Jet Fortune Exchange

Inupiates Patrons of Law

Momotaro Silver State PLC

Fawaol Patrons of Law

Elections occur when two minor factions with a similar political structure resolve a conflict over ownership and influence within a system.