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Angels Flock to Follow the People’s Princess

19 JUN 3301

Angels Flock to Follow the People’s Princess

For months, Aisling’s Angels have been working hard to support their mistress in her quest to bring about meaningful social change in the Empire. As part of their efforts, millions of slaves have been set free, retrained and rehomed in accordance with Aisling’s wishes.

When she lost her bet against Zemina Torval back in April, many within Imperial society thought Aisling’s followers would finally realise that she was backing a lost cause and give up. Instead the opposite happened as thousands of Imperial citizens, their hearts touched by the efforts of the people’s princess, rallied to her cause. This has turned Aisling into one of the most influential celebrities in the Empire today, to the delight of her powerful backers.

With this new-found support, the people’s princess has found herself once again going up against Senator Zemina Torval, as the two powerful senators clash in a bid to gain influence near the Empire’s core systems.

Early last week, the two camps worked to rally support amongst senior patrons in Caspatsuria. When it became apparent that the Caspatsuria citizens would only be swayed by their wallets, a wise change in direction by the Angels PR team saw a last-minute burst of activity launch across Grovichun’s social media networks. Supporters of both Imperial powers are currently engaged in talks with the respective local authorities in a bid to set up new command centres from which to spread their own particular forms of Imperial life.