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Galactic News: Prospects for Malfunctioning Starports Improving

30 AUG 3302

Technical personnel at New Dawn Station in the Ceos system have announced a breakthrough in the ongoing fight against the so-called technological plague.

Tag Arthurs, head of the starport's technical team, released the following statement to news feeds:

"Although our understanding of meta-alloys remains incomplete, we are now able to apply them much more efficiently. Consequently, we now need much smaller quantities of meta-alloys to return a malfunctioning starport to functionality – half as much as we used to, in fact."

"We've also determined that the week immediately following the first signs of Unknown Artefact-related interference is a critical one. If an affected starport can be supplied with meta-alloys within that week, it is far less likely that the situation at the starport will worsen."

Galactic News: Weekly Security Report

30 AUG 3302

This report presents the latest data on the security status of the galaxy's minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to experience a lockdown:

Ackwada Gold Allied Group

Defence Party of LFT 926

Revolutionary Nysa Future

Citizen Party of Kongkomisso

LP 336-6 Blue Major Corp.

Wolf 497 Liberals

Jet Energy Ltd

Nobles of Mbukuravi

Regulatory State of LHS 2157

Wat Yu Resistance

When a faction experiences a lockdown, the security rating of the system it controls temporarily increases and the system's wealth temporarily decreases. Bounty hunting activity can shorten the lockdown period.

Here are the latest factions to experience civil unrest:

LP 876-76 Travel Ltd

Aeneas Organisation

Mob of Eranin

Justice Party of LHS 215

Votaroi Advanced Industries

CD-35 9019 Vision Network

Pirates of Luyten's Star

Chireni Group

Nobles of HIP 10716

Khun Crimson Ring

Civil unrest is the result of illegal activity. When a faction is affected by civil unrest, the standard of living in the system it controls temporarily decreases, as does the system's wealth. Combat missions and activities can bring civil unrest to an end.