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Galactic News: Salomé - Traitor or Terrorist?

13 AUG 3302

The Imperial Citizen has published a scathing two-part editorial on an individual by the name of Commander Salomé, alleging that she is in fact Lady Kahina Tijani Loren, the missing Imperial senator.

"We note with dismay that a certain Commander Salomé has resurfaced once again. Many will be unaware of her activities, obscured as they are by her carefully cultivated innocence and charm, so it falls to the Imperial Citizen to reveal the sordid truth. She is Lady Kahina Tijani Loren, the disgraced senator."

"Although Salomé enjoyed the comforts and privileges afforded to most high-born Imperial children, her parents had little use for a third daughter and shipped her off to boarding school at the first opportunity. This served only to foster Salomé's sense of rebelliousness and her disdain for her family."

"Despite her privileged upbringing, Salomé grew up to be petty, mean and bitter. But she was also shrewd and politically astute, successfully avoiding an arranged marriage by palming off her would-be husband onto one of her older sisters."

"Salomé hated her father, but despite her antipathy, she was clearly influenced by him. After all, this was the man who expelled colonists from the Chione moon in 3297 by bombing it – an act condemned as a war crime by the Federation."

"Loren's family was murdered in 3300 by a group of freedom fighters known as Reclamists, but she was somehow spirited safely away. She claims to have been kidnapped, abused and held to ransom, only to overcome her enemies and return the Prism system to Imperial control after a battle with the Federation. The truth is that she did nothing of the sort."

Galactic News: Felicia Winters Opposes Federal-Imperial Conflict

13 AUG 3302

At a rally on Mars in the Sol system, Federal Shadow President Felicia Winters has addressed the escalating tension between the Federation and the Empire.

While careful not to criticise Federal President Zachary Hudson, Winters made her position on the ongoing Federal-Imperial conflict clear. Addressing citizens who had gathered to support her, the shadow president said:

"I may disagree with Edmund Mahon on a number of issues, but I share his views on the current political climate."

"Both the Federation and the Empire have access to tremendous military power, and a war between our two societies could have a disastrous impact on the galaxy. We must turn away from acrimony, and move towards mutual understanding and cooperation. It is not too late to change course."

Winters's words were warmly received by the assembled crowds.

Galactic News: Weekly Expansion Report

13 AUG 3302

This report presents the latest data on expansion and withdrawal among the galaxy's minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to have expanded into new systems:

El Confederation

Lacaille 8760 Allied Corp.

Himardisc Bureau

Confederation of Dewindji

Epsilon Hydri Commodities

Natural Carnai Party

Progressive Party of Sagara

Social Oresqu Resistance

Mapocori Holdings

Confederation of Chapoyo

Expansions occur when a minor faction reaches a sufficient level of influence and there is a populated system within striking distance. Expansion is costly, so when a faction expands, the wealth and development level of the system it controls are temporarily reduced.

Here are the latest factions in withdrawal:

Inupinie Jet Life PLC

Albisaki Prison Colony

Paesia Future

Mechtanitou Empire Party

Bhaguti Advanced Corporation

Progressive Party of Wolf 433

Lambayeque Corporation

Luhman 16 Central and Co

Dangarla Creative Corp.

Liberals of LTT 606

Factions are considered to be in withdrawal if their level of influence within a system drops below a certain level. If the faction's influence remains low for a total of five days, the faction must leave the system entirely. If the faction manages to increase its level of influence, it remains in the system.