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Allied System Receives Vital Resources

05 MAY 3308

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Sirius Corporation has helped provide commodities to sustain the Didio system during the ongoing Thargoid assault.

Pilots transported multiple shipments of basic medicines, evacuation shelters and food cartridges to the megaship Chariot of Rhea in the Leesti system. These were then redirected to Didio and distributed wherever they were most urgently needed.

The campaign was orchestrated by Admiral Nikolas Glass, who announced:

“By replenishing key supplies during this time of great crisis, Sirius Corporation has again shown its dedication to the Alliance’s military efforts. This will undoubtedly pave the way for the strategic defence pact to be accepted by the Assembly once the trial period has completed.”

Sirius Corporation has confirmed that all pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect payment from Chariot of Rhea in Leesti.

In related news, the superpowers are continuing to reward independent ships for destroying Thargoid vessels in the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems. Salvation’s anti-xeno superweapons are expected to be operational one week from today.

Thargoid Research Project Requires Meta-Alloys

05 MAY 3308

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Commanders have been asked to collect meta-alloys from Thargoid barnacles as part of a wider xenological study.

The research project is being orchestrated by Professor Ishmael Palin, one of the most prominent experts in Thargoid technology:

“With escalating Thargoid activity in the core systems, it is increasingly important that we learn as much as possible about this species. Only through scientific study can we better comprehend their biomechanical nature and, where possible, enhance our defences against it.”

“The initial phase requires fresh samples of meta-alloys, the unique material used in the construction of Thargoid vessels. These can be harvested from barnacles that the Thargoids have seeded on selected planets.”

Pilots can deliver meta-alloys to the starport James Sneddon in the Morten-Marte system. As part of the Federal Reclamation Co’s support for this initiative, the station’s market also offers an increased price for any Thargoid tissue samples.

In addition to credit payments for all those delivering meta-alloys, class 4A, 5A and 6A corrosion resistant cargo racks will be available to selected contributors. The 5A and 6A versions have been exclusively manufactured for this project, and are not commercially available at present.

Professor Palin stated that possessing these cargo racks will be of great benefit in the project’s planned second phase, scheduled to occur in the next few weeks.