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09 FEB 3301

Prism Senator Courts Controversy Again!

In a move which is likely to further increase tensions between the Federation and the Empire, a high ranking Lady of the Empire has been denied access to the Sol system.

Lady Kahina Tijani Loren, the Senator from the Prism system, was on a diplomatic mission at the behest of Chancellor Blaine when her Imperial Courier was interdicted whilst jumping into the Sol system.

According to Imperial sources, Lady Kahina’s vessel came under attack by unidentified ships, but fought its way free despite suffering significant damage during the incident.

Federal representatives insist that the Imperials failed to file a valid itinerary, which resulted in a lack of an escort through Federal space. The Empire has demanded a formal apology from the Federation, but so far this demand has gone unanswered.

Lady Kahina was quoted as saying, "I don't like to be late."

09 FEB 3301

Celebration at Abraham Lincoln Starport in Earth Orbit, Sol

Pilots from around the galaxy are expected to gather outside Abraham Lincoln Starport, located in Earth orbit in the Sol system, at 18-00 on the 12th of February for the annual remembrance of the Station's namesake, President Abraham Lincoln.

This date marks the 1,492nd anniversary of Lincoln's birth. Lincoln, president of one of the great democracies of the Northern Hemisphere in Earth's 19th century, is credited with ending the practice of human slave trafficking in that nation.

Pilots gather each year at Abraham Lincoln Starport to show their solidarity in ending the galactic slave trade by flashing their ships' headlights for 30 seconds at precisely 18-00 on the evening of the anniversary.

- CMDR Jaiotu