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Community Goal: Final Stage of Wildcard Competition

16 JUN 3302

With the second stage of the Dangerous Games Wildcard competition complete, the third and final stage can now begin.

This phase of the competition will focus on trade, with pilots being asked to gather as many conductive fabrics as possible for their chosen faction. The group with the most conductive fabrics at the end of the week-long event will be declared the winner.

At the close of the Wildcard competition, the faction that has garnered the most support over the course of the campaign will enter the Dangerous Games and compete for the right to be recognised as an official power.

With the end of the competition looming, each faction is eager to secure as much support as possible, and is doing all it can to attract pilots to its cause.

The event begins on the 16th of June 3302 and will run for one week.

Galactic News: EG Pilots Triumph in Second Wildcard Event

16 JUN 3302

The second heat of the Dangerous Games Wildcard competition is over. For this event, pilots were asked to deploy their hardpoints and gather bounties for their chosen faction in the Bjorti system. The group that accumulated the most bounty vouchers during the week-long event would be declared the winner.

The final tally indicates that victory goes once again to the EG Pilots, which received the largest amount of bounty vouchers. Whether or not the EG Pilots will win the Wildcard competition remains to be seen, as it will not be clear which faction has received the most support until the end of the campaign.

The Dangerous Games Wildcard competition will run for a total of three weeks, and the victor will go on to vie for the right to be recognised as an official power.

Galactic News: Narcotics Appeal comes to an End

16 JUN 3302

A spokesperson for the Crom Silver Boys, a notorious crime syndicate, has released a statement confirming that its appeal for narcotics was eagerly received by the galactic community.

Given the illicit nature of the operation, the exact number of participants is not known. But reports from the Herthe system indicate that hundreds of pilots contributed to the campaign, delivering controlled substances for the criminals' drug-production scheme.

With the criminals' targets met, production of crom silver fesh is scheduled to begin immediately. The new narcotic will follow the closely guarded recipe for wolf fesh, the psychoactive drug formerly produced in the Wolf 1301 system. The Crom Silver Boys have promised to release the new commodity to the market at Chorel Survey as soon as possible.

Jimmy 'Ice Pick' Falcone, spokesperson for the Crom Silver Boys, released a brief and slightly perplexing statement:

"Crom silver fesh will soon be available to pilots who have proved we can trust them."

Pilots who contributed to the initiative are now free to collect their rewards from Walheim Enterprise in the Herthe system.

Community Goal: Pranav Antal Requests Exploration Data

16 JUN 3302

Every year, thousands of people disappear into the vastness of space. Some simply venture out too far and lose their way. Others are abducted by pirates and sold into slavery, their identities irrevocably erased. Others still may suffer more mysterious fates.

For many, these disappearances are a fact of life – an inescapable consequence of living among the stars. But Pranav Antal, leader of the technologically progressive enclave Utopia, is unwilling to simply accept such losses. The simguru, as he is known, has launched a campaign to gather exploration data with the aim of discovering why so many of those who traverse the depths of space vanish.

"The purpose of this campaign is to acquire concrete information about these disappearances so we can do more to prevent them. But I must stress that even if we are able to locate missing individuals, it is likely that they will be too far from our base of operations to make rescue possible. This is an intelligence-gathering operation only."

Utopian representatives have promised to reward pilots who deliver exploration data to Terry Port in the Garoku system. The campaign begins on the 16th of June 3302 and will run for one week.

Galactic News: Engineers Reduce Requirements

16 JUN 3302

The 'Rewired' news feed is known for its prodigious output, sometimes releasing hundreds of stories a day. But balancing such productivity with thorough fact checking is a tall order, and the feed's critics sometimes claim that at least half its output consists of redactions, corrections and apologies.

But despite these jibes, only the most obdurate critic would deny that Rewired has broken major stories in the past, its guerrilla style approach allowing it to react faster than some of its larger, more established rivals.

The channel's latest report will interest many of the galaxy's independent pilots:

"Word is that Broo Tarquin will now work with pilots who can bring him 50 units of Fugin Tea, instead of the 100 he used to ask for. And Didi Vatermann's only asking for 50 units of Lavian Brandy, which is a damn sight less than the 200 she previously insisted on. Seems it just got a whole lot easier to spec your ship."

Galactic News: Weekly Democracy Report

16 JUN 3302

This report presents the latest data on democratic activity among the galaxy's minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to hold elections:

Nijuna Company

Official Omagatae Defence Party

Hyperion Allied Incorporated

Tsohoda Patron's Principles

Sopdu Legal Commodities

Tun Netcoms Services

Irukama Patrons of Law

Kuanes Resistance

Melici Progressive Party

Nahuaru Crimson Bridge Int

Elections occur when two minor factions with a similar political structure resolve a conflict over ownership and influence within a system.