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United Imperial Offensive into Pegasi Sector

08 JUL 3301

United Imperial Offensive into Pegasi Sector

Apathy toward the Kumo Crew’s activities on the fringes of Federation space was replaced by the full wrath of Senators Patreus and Lavigny-Duval as the Imperial system of Cuchua came under attack this week.

A high ranking officer of Lavigny’s Legion offered the following words as the Legion deployed to assist Patreus’ forces in Cuchua:

"We ask all who are loyal to Princess Arissa to join with us in bringing Imperial justice to these barbarians that think us weak like the Federation.”

The call has been heeded by pilots in every major Imperial power.

The expeditionary forces launched a two-pronged attack, spearheaded by the Velites Squadron of Lavigny’s Legion, targeting Kumo ships in Cuchua and Harma. The operations, code named “Charybdis” and “Davy Jones,” have led to the downing of hundreds of pirate vessels and dozens of Kumo Commanders. Imperial casualties have been minimal, but the fighting continues.

Cosmic State and Emperor's Grace Develop Joint Technology Company

08 JUL 3301

Cosmic State and Emperor's Grace Develop Joint Technology Company

It has been formally announced that an Agreement has been reached between Hammer Arms, biggest independent arms dealer with a seat in Hel, Home of Cosmic State and Emperor's Grace. This is the first ever such agreement made by the fiercely proud and independent Cosmic State with an Imperial faction. Grimnir Allvadderung, CEO of Hammer Arms, kindly invited Admiral Brennus of Emperor's Grace to an evening of carousing and competition. It is reported that vast quantities of mead was consumed by both delegations. This was later followed by an axe throwing contest between Grimnir Allvadderung and Vaarwen Mako Brennus, where Grimnir Allvadderung was declared the winner.

As an esteemed friend and ally, Admiral Brennus was presented with a golden axe by Grimnir Allvadderung in what is believed to be proof of a growing friendship between the two leaders.

On the small matter of the Agreement between Cosmic State and Emperor's Grace no information is being made available at this time other than to declare that Cosmic State and Emperor's Grace agree wholeheartedly in a joint venture regarding research and development of technology and weapons. A joint military exercise of Imperial Naval units and Cosmic State forces in the Hel system was also announced.

Phantagor, Cosmic State

GalNet Weekly Health Hotspots

08 JUL 3301

GalNet Weekly Health Hotspots

This weekly report indicates some of the minor factions enduring significant health issues such as famine and outbreaks (*).

Outbreaks have been reported by the following minor factions:

LHS 115 Democrats

Like famines, outbreaks cause a major disruption to the inhabitants’ standard of living. Resupply of medicines and related trade contracts are needed to end the outbreak. Due to the state of emergency combat missions and activities provide no effect on influence.

* Data is correct at time of publishing.

Ambitious Plans for Carns

08 JUL 3301

Ambitious Plans for Carns

The leadership for Humason Orbital in the Carns system responded today to a report released earlier in the week, suggesting that the mining operations in the system would soon become uneconomical.

Plans were revealed to upgrade the extraction and industrial facilities to support high tech operations. In the press briefing Ramon Lamor, Deputy Communications Officer, commented:

“We should not see the closure of the mines as a problem, but as an opportunity for this system to become a greater player in the economy of the surrounding region. Our researchers have identified a gap in the high technology market that we can exploit.”

He then outlined an extensive programme of acquisitions to provide the robotics needed for the new product lines, which would see both the extraction and industrial concerns replaced. When questioned about the effects of this change on existing businesses, he replied:

“There will obviously be a number of changes with this global shift in focus. However, if we are to thrive in the future then these adjustments must be made. We will provide both financial and logistical support to corporations operating in Carns.”

At the close of the briefing, he stated that the nature of the local workforce would also need to change and that further information would be revealed within the next few days.

GalNet Weekly Powers Update Incoming

08 JUL 3301

GalNet Weekly Powers Update Incoming

In the early hours of tomorrow morning (7.00am GMT) the GalNet monitoring of powers’ activities will go offline for a short period to assemble the latest data.

Any pilots who operate for any of the powers should ensure that they deliver any cargo or vouchers before this time for their activities to be registered.