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Further Outbreaks of Cerberus Plague

06 AUG 3301

Further Outbreaks of Cerberus Plague

While medical teams across the galaxy work to deliver the Cerberus Plague antidote to systems affected by the disease, fresh outbreaks of the pathogen are appearing in other systems. According to recent reports, the following systems are currently affected by the Cerberus Plague:


39 Tauri


Delta Phoenicis

Kappa Ophiuchi


LTT 14850



LTT 6705




Any independent pilots who wish to help are encouraged to eliminate the pirates targeting medical supply convoys in the Bast system. The Union of Bast Liberals is currently offering rewards to pilots who destroy these pirates.

Cerberus Plague Continues to Affect Starports

06 AUG 3301

Cerberus Plague Continues to Affect Starports

Although a cure for the Cerberus Plague has been found, the disease has not yet been eradicated, and it continues to wreak havoc in certain systems.

The following systems have been affected by the plague:



HIP 10175



BD-11 4280


In these systems, the following station services are unavailable:



Bulletin board




Black market

Authorities in these systems have reported that services will remain offline until the Cerberus Plague has been either contained or eliminated.

Gutamaya Shipyards Reinstates Restrictions

06 AUG 3301

Gutamaya Shipyards Reinstates Restrictions

Last month, Gutamaya Shipyards temporarily lifted the rank-related restrictions on the Imperial Clipper and Imperial Courier, thereby allowing any independent pilot with an active rank in the Imperial Navy to purchase and fly one of the vessels. Following news of the Emperor’s assassination, however, Gutamaya Shipyards has decided to withdraw this offer, and to reinstate the default restrictions on all their ships.

Official Period of Mourning Begins

06 AUG 3301

Official Period of Mourning Begins

Chancellor Anders Blaine held a press conference in front of the entrance to the Hall of Martyrs and declared the beginning of the official period of mourning for Emperor Hengist Duval:

“It is my solemn duty to officially mark the first day of the four-week period of mourning for our beloved Emperor. As is customary, the body of the Emperor will be placed in the vestibule of the Hall of Martyrs for public viewing and the paying of respect.”

The Chancellor refused to answer questions from the assembled reporters concerning the investigation into the assassination. When asked about the succession, he replied that the matter will be handled in the Senate once the funeral has taken place.

Following tradition, the Chancellor and invited dignitaries wore the black sash of mourning. These will be worn throughout the mourning period and then burned during the internment ceremony.

The Hall of Martyrs was constructed over 600 years ago following the victory against the Federation in the first conflict between the two superpowers. It is open to the public only during the mourning period of those who are to be entombed there. The vast and exquisitely crafted hall beneath the Imperial Palace contains 16,032 obsidian pillars, and only the most honoured members of Imperial society are laid to rest there.

GalNet Focus on Democracy

06 AUG 3301

GalNet Focus on Democracy

This weekly roundup highlights some of the minor factions pursuing the dream of democratic freedom by holding elections (*).

Here are 10 of the 1,997 minor factions holding elections:

Bangwa Independents

United HIP 63530 League

Labour of Deiva

Krinbea Corporation

Krinbea Blue Transport Comms

Atuate Dynamic Co

Wilingura Natural Services

Ts'ao Hii Federal and Co

Ts'ao Hii PLC

Atung Mussa Purple Comms Ind

Elections occur when two minor factions of a similar political structure resolve a conflict over ownership and influence within a system.

* Data is correct at time of publishing.

Fight Against Cerberus Plague Gains Ground

06 AUG 3301

Fight Against Cerberus Plague Gains Ground

The fight against the Cerberus Plague, which to date has claimed thousands of lives, appears to be gaining ground. Following the efforts of medical teams to deliver the antidote to systems affected by the disease, reports have reached us that the plague has been eradicated from the following systems:



Maheou Ti-



20 Ophiuchi



BD-02 4304



G 139-50

Meanwhile, the effort to help those suffering from the disease continues.