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06 FEB 3301

Sickness Spreading Through Ngaliba

A wave of sickness has spread through Ngaliba, leading the Federal Centre for Disease Control to issue an amber alert warning all pilots to avoid Fullerton Horizons until further notice.

Anyone who has visited Ngaliba in the past five days is advised to seek immediate medical attention and avoid controlling machinery, flying starships, and travelling through hyperspace.

Early signs of infection include dizziness, nausea, stomach pains and a loss of concentration.

The Crimson Major Solutions have declined to offer any comment in regards to how many people are known to be infected.

06 FEB 3301

Patreus Fire Sale in Durius Ends

The mass selling off of all surplus military assets from the Speke Prospect armoury was carried out at the behest of Imperial Senator Denton Patreus, to whom the people of Durius owe a rather significant debt.

The Citizens of Tradition, acting in their position as custodians of Durius, have promised to use their newly acquired funds to further stimulate the local economy through the creation of new employment opportunities. To that end, Senator Patreus, in association with Senator Torval, has generously offered to provide free training for all debt- ridden citizens of Durius willing to be retrained for work as Imperial Slaves to clear their remaining debt.