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Galactic News: Cold War Thawing?

02 SEP 3303

Following news that scientists from the Alliance, Empire and Federation have united to form a new research initiative, speculation is mounting that the cold war between the Empire and the Federation could be nearing an end.

As the conflict enters its second year, a number of commentators have expressed hope that peace might be in sight. The Imperial Herald’s political correspondent, Daxton Sung, offered the following analysis:

“It’s inevitable that the formation of Aegis would lead to assumptions that the cold war is ending, but unfortunately there’s little evidence to that effect. These are the galaxy’s largest superpowers we’re talking about. The fact that there’s accord among certain sectors doesn’t mean there’s harmony at every level.”

“But what does either side have to gain from maintaining its position? Neither the Empire nor the Federation has demonstrated it can prevent the other from extracting meta-alloys, which is supposedly what this conflict is all about. The only person to have been significantly affected by all this is poor old Professor Palin, who’s still languishing behind a Federal blockade.”

“Frankly, the situation is farcical. I suspect both Arissa Lavigny-Duval and Zachary Hudson know they’re better off calling time on the whole thing, but neither side wants to be seen as ceding to the other. It’s about pride, essentially. Shouldn’t our leaders be above such things?”

Neither Federal nor Imperial sources elected to comment.

Galactic News: Weekly Conflict Report

02 SEP 3303

This report presents the latest data on conflict among the galaxy’s minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to experience a civil war:

Zelano Systems

Chamunda Crimson Gang

Kini Drug Empire

LHS 3479 Interstellar

AG+21 1754 Citizen Party

Liberty Party of LP 751-1

HIP 105639 Party

Dulos Defence Party

Machatkwa Inc

Progressive Party of Ross 210

Civil wars occur when minor factions compete for control of major assets such as starports. When a faction is involved in a civil war, the standard of living, development level and security level in the system it controls are temporarily reduced. Combat activities can bring a civil war to an end.

Here are the latest factions to experience war:

Order of Ethgreze

Bureau of HIP 1914 Focus

Liberals of Delta Pavonis

Alioth Pro-Alliance Group

Modgud Commodities

Delta Phoenicis Limited

Blue Dynamic Group

Ross 210 Pro-Alliance Party

i Bootis Democrats

Njikan Jet Dynamic Industry

Wars occur when a minor faction invades a star system controlled by another minor faction. For the duration of the war, the standard of living, wealth level and security level in the disputed system are reduced. Combat activity between the two warring factions determines the outcome of the conflict. If neither faction succeeds in dominating the other, the war ends in a ceasefire.