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Faction Appeals for Fireworks

30 DEC 3301

With the end of the year less than a week away, preparations for New Year celebrations are in full swing throughout the galaxy. One of the most notable is the forthcoming party from Independent Cherets Labour, an organisation based in the Cherets system. According to a recent press release, the organisation has issued an open contract for fireworks with which to mark the start of 3302. But not just any fireworks. Anduliga fireworks.

"If you really want to start the New Year with a bang, you need fireworks. But I'm not talking about those namby-pamby firecrackers you get in Alioth or Achenar. I'm talking about the bone-rattling, teeth-loosening explosives you find in Anduliga. That's why we're offering rewards to anyone who brings Anduliga Fireworks to us here at Buckey Hub."

Independent Cherets Labour has also asked for combat pilots to clear the spaceways of Cherets, to ensure the safety of those delivering fireworks to Buckey Hub. "Anyone who hands in bounty vouchers will be generously compensated," the organisation confirmed.

The appeal begins today and is scheduled to run until the 7th of January.

GalNet Weekly Powers Update Incoming

30 DEC 3301

In the early hours of tomorrow morning (7.00am GMT), the GalNet monitoring of powers' activities will go offline for a short period while the latest data is assembled.

Any pilots who operate for one of the powers must deliver any cargo or vouchers before this time to ensure their activities are registered.