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Freelance Report: Fungi Discovered on Airless Worlds

01 NOV 3302

The Colonia Citizens Network has reported that fungal growths have been discovered on the airless world of Colonia 3 C A.

There appear to be four distinct species, which grow on silicate geysers. Mycologist Dr James Morel had this to say about the discovery:

"Based on the visual telemetry, I can say the shelf and puffball-like specimens fall under the basidiomycota phyla of fungi. The other two cannot be identified without studying physical samples."

"I urge explorers to handle the specimens with care, and to follow basic hazardous-material handing protocol. We don't know how these species might interact with living tissue."

The first data on the fungus was recorded by Commander Alesia of the Pilots Federation.

Julian McCoy of the Colonia Citizens Network Alien Research Division issued the following statement:

"The discovery of life, particularly in a remote region like the Colonia Nebula, is a remarkable achievement. I believe this find places new emphasis on the importance of colonization and expanding human knowledge of the galaxy."

Hunter S Volkov

Freelance Reporter

Freelance Report: Irresponsible Independents Ransack Ruins

01 NOV 3302

Following the discovery of ancient ruins on planet 1 B of Synuefe XR-H d11-102, hundreds of independent pilots have plotted a course to the system. Many scientifically-minded Commanders have begun the painstaking task of deciphering the secrets of the ruins.

Unfortunately, the cataloguing and excavation has been disrupted by piracy, profiteers and general pandemonium.

Jeremy Grant, an archaeologist who has been working at the site for several days, expressed concern at the prevailing conditions:

"It's not safe out here. The ruins have been significantly damaged by SRV racing. Priceless artefacts have been shattered and weapons fire has scarred several obelisks, destroying markings."

"Independent pilots have made a lot of noise about the Empire and Federation cordoning off major research sites, but if this is an indication of how independents treat sites of value, perhaps the superpowers are doing the right thing."

Commander Corrigendum

Galactic News: Starport Status Update

01 NOV 3302

This report presents the latest data on starports experiencing technical issues as a result of Unknown-Artefact related interference.

The following starports are currently closed:

Irens Dock, Manite

von Bellingshausen Port, Almar

Haack Gateway, Halbangaay

Gurragchaa Gateway, Warkushanui

Korolyov Hub, Arawere

Rutan Terminal, Scirtoq

Tarelkin Dock, LP 462-19

Liwei Gateway, 63 G. Capricorni

Beltrami's Claim, Wolf 1509

Bondarek Orbital, Munfayl

Akiyama Hub, Shorodo

Chargaff Port, 20 Ophiuchi

Solovyev Port, HIP 8865

Trevithick Dock, LHS 3447

Baudin Landing, Lyncis Sector MC-V b2-1

Jacobi Hub, Basuki An

The following starports continue to experience technical issues:

Carter Port, Rhea

Kooi Gateway, G 190-28

Alexander Freeport, HIP 18843

Bloch Vision, Loperada

Lave Station, Lave

Donaldson Retreat, Rajuar

Rutan Terminal, Minanes

Roberts Port, CD-52 9732

Medupe City, Cubeo

Manakov Survey, Aeduci

i Sola Prospect, Brestla

Galactic News: Pleiades Resource Enterprise Victorious

01 NOV 3302

Recent reports from Maia indicate that the Pleiades Resource Enterprise has successfully overcome resistance from the Ant Hill Mob to gain a foothold in the system.

A spokesperson for the Pleiades Resource Enterprise released a brief statement:

"The Ant Hill Mob believes our expansion into Maia was orchestrated by Federal officials, but I think they're just looking for a way of explaining their defeat. In war, it's the stronger side that wins. Simple as that. We may be aligned with the Federation, but we were acting on our own behalf."

Pilots who contributed to the initiative are now free to collect their rewards from Maia Point in the Maia system.

Galactic News: Weekly Security Report

01 NOV 3302

This report presents the latest data on the security status of the galaxy's minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to experience a lockdown:

Kokary Holdings

Ngaliba Blue Camorra

Liaedin Mafia

Inupiates Patrons of Law

Bhotho Rats

LHS 3384 Progressive Party

Ciboney Labour

Social Gabiko Liberals

Segoveduwa Empire Party

United Wat Yu Confederacy

When a faction experiences a lockdown, the security rating of the system it controls temporarily increases and the system's wealth temporarily decreases. Bounty hunting activity can shorten the lockdown period.

Here are the latest factions to experience civil unrest:

Kokary Holdings

Limapa Blue State Commodities

Zaragas Energy Corp.

Ngaliba Blue Camorra

Labour of Ethgreze

Apoyota Domain

HIP 26883 State Company

Nationalists of Aulin

Rajgonta for Equality

Leaders of LFT 1404

Civil unrest is the result of illegal activity. When a faction is affected by civil unrest, the standard of living in the system it controls temporarily decreases, as does the system's wealth. Combat missions and activities can bring civil unrest to an end.