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Imperial Law and Order: Investigation into Attack on Emperor Continues

16 APR 3301

Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s ongoing investigation in to the attack on the Emperor took the Princess to Nehet yesterday, where the Senator from Facece directed her followers to launch an all out attack on the Nehet Silver Ring.

Hundreds of pilots answered Arissa’s call to arms, and under the direction of the Patrons of Law the makeshift fleet was able to provide more than enough firepower to grind the Nehet Silver Ring into dust. While crime is still a problem for the citizens of Nehet, at least it has finally been brought back to a manageable level.

During the process of dismantling the NSR’s operation, agents loyal to Arissa uncovered evidence that criminals operating in and around Almad may have helped facilitate the attack against the Emperor.

At the same time, hundreds more pilots answered the Princess’s call to end all criminal activity taking place in Mictlan. This inevitably resulted in the Mictlan Cartel being crushed beneath the weight of Arissa’s stylish yet affordable Clippers (which are still available at a significant discount from Syromyatnikov Horizons in Nu).

Before the cartel’s leadership met their final fate, a team of Imperial inquisitors were able to convince them to reveal who brokered the deal to strike against the Emperor. This new information points to the presence of a previously unknown underworld consultancy, who are believed to be based somewhere in the vicinity of LTT 9810.

Commanders interested in aiding the ongoing investigation can sign up for active duty at Heinkel City in Almad, and Gutierrez Terminal in LTT 9810.