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The Search for the Antares

22 DEC 3301

3251 is remembered chiefly for the disappearance of the Antares, a technologically revolutionary passenger liner designed and built by the Sirius Corporation. The ship was supposed to usher in a new age in interplanetary travel, but the loss of the vessel during its maiden voyage tarnished the reputation of the Sirius Corporation and stalled the company's plans to develop further superfast liners.

The exact reason for the ship's disappearance has never been established, but a fragmentary status report, transmitted by the Antares moments before contact was lost, indicated that a component failure took place during the ship's first hyperspace jump. The failure resulted in a simultaneous explosion and mis-jump, leading many to assume that the ship had been destroyed. But no wreckage from the vessel has ever been found, and its precise fate remains unknown.

It seems, however, that the Sirius Corporation is not ready to close the file on the Antares. Today, Li Yong-Rui, CEO of the company's governmental division, announced that the organisation intends to launch an official search for the ship:

"Since the Antares was lost 50 years ago, there have been great advances in scanning technology, and we believe it may now be possible to find the remains of the ship. We are inviting every pilot in the galaxy to deliver wreckage components to our research base at Davy Dock in the Procyon system. Once we have accumulated enough material, we will subject the debris to comprehensive analysis to determine its origin. With luck, not only will we find the remains of the Antares, we will be able to determine her fate."

The search begins today.

GalNet Weekly Security Digest

22 DEC 3301

In this weekly report, the latest GalNet data is assembled to present ten minor factions experiencing civil unrest or lockdown in their systems.

Here are 10 of the 1,626 minor factions in lockdown:

Revolutionary Party of Wichaimi

Kinne Blue Boys

LP 417-213 Power Solutions

Lovedu Blue Major Inc

HIP 15587 Free

Niamara Electronics Services

Kui Hsien General Ltd

Natural Contien Movement

Renssen Construction

Barann Fortune Interstellar

Lockdowns increase the security rating for a system but also have a negative effect on the system's wealth. Increased bounty hunting activity can shorten the lockdown period.

Here are 10 of the 1,550 minor factions experiencing civil unrest:

Yimanbin Nationalists

KUI 11 Crimson Natural Org

Friggi Independent Union

UBV 15076 Jet Bridge Partners

Barons of Coringha

Orishanann Crimson Allied Net

BD+47 2391 Silver Central Org

Ba Xian Netcoms Co

No Chique Blue Allied Exchange

Cemiess Purple Council

Civil unrest is caused by illegal activity within the system as well completing contracts from more nefarious sources. The wealth rating and standard of living will suffer when a system contains civil unrest. Combat missions and activities can be utilised to end civil unrest.

Data is correct at time of publishing.

Clauss Incorporated Issues Appeal

22 DEC 3301

The Clauss Incorporated organisation, a galaxy-wide distributor of luxury commodities, has issued a public appeal for Special Gifts. The company CEO, Nicolas St Clauss, has released a statement to the media, which is reprinted in full below:

"We at Clauss Incorporated specialise in bringing joy to the people of this vast and wonderful galaxy. But fulfilling the hopes and dreams of so many is a difficult task, and this year we're experiencing increased demand for Special Gifts. So we're asking all you talented pilots to help us by transporting Special Gifts from Frost Dock in the Njambalba system to Clauss Port in the Santa Muerte system. We're willing to offer generous financial incentives to those who help, and we'll even be giving new ships to novice pilots who contribute to our appeal*."


Nicolas St Clauss"

"*Terms and conditions: New ships will only be offered to pilots who have logged between 3 and 10 hours total flight time. The type of ship offered will depend on the total number of Special Gifts brought to Clauss Port, so please dig deep for your fellow pilots!"